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  1. aggrandize
  2. besiege
  3. adroit
  4. besmirch
  5. adulterate
  1. a to make dirty; to stain
  2. b to make impure; impure
  3. c to overwhelm; to surround and attack
  4. d to enlarge; to expand
  5. e skillful, clever

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  1. to deceive; to charm; to enchant
  2. pertaining to beauty
  3. shapeless, formless, vague
  4. an attraction to
  5. a noisy uproar; a scene of wild confusion

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  1. antithesisan exact opposite; an opposite extreme


  2. baubleto deceive; to charm; to enchant


  3. altruisma concern for others; generosity


  4. adventitiousaccidental; nonessential


  5. banalcommon, ordinary


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