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  1. cantabile
  2. Vibrato
  3. Johannes Brahms
  4. Concerto
  5. homophonic
  1. a in a singing style
  2. b musical texture which focuses on a single melody with accompaning harmonies (mainly chordal)
  3. c 1833-1897, vienna, conservative center of music tradition, friend of Robert and Clara Schumann-Variations on Haydn
  4. d Slight, rapid fluctuations of pitch
  5. e A multi-movement work consisting of music that contrasts a soloist with an orchestra or band

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  1. notes belonging to the scale of the key you are in
  2. light
  3. The music gradually becomes louder
  4. Romantic 1833-1897
  5. The first beat of a measure

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  1. Antonin Dvorák1841-1904, Czech, strongly ifluenced by Smetana-moved to U.S., famous works include Slavonic Danses, Symphony no. 9


  2. Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovskytwo or more different rhythms going along at the same time, strongly conflicting with each other


  3. semprealways


  4. polytonalityuse of two or more keys played simultaneously, may have a melody in one key and supporting harmonies in another


  5. TextureThe basic setting of the music: monophonic, homophonic, or polyphonic


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