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  1. Call-and-Response
  2. Descant
  3. Cadenza
  4. sordino
  5. Octave
  1. a Performers improvise and play to show-off
  2. b Another melody above the main tune
  3. c The form found in African music in which phrases of music are exchanged between soloist and group
  4. d mute
  5. e The distance between a note and the nearest note with the same name

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  1. The pulse or throb that recurs regularly in music
  2. quickly / cheerfully
  3. The flow of music in terms of time
  4. notes belonging to the scale of the key you are in
  5. very slow

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  1. Ascendingplay note louder w/ emphasis


  2. staccatoThe higher, lighter female voice


  3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartbroadening


  4. ThemeA central melody in a musical work


  5. Monophonysingle melodic line without supporting harmonies


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