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  1. Piotr Tchaichovsky
  2. morendo
  3. Time Signature
  4. Anton Webern
  5. Franz Peter Schubert
  1. a Classical 1797-1828
  2. b 1840-1893, tragic life, studied with Balakiev but embraced European symphonic music, especially Mozart, famous pieces: Nutcracker Suite, Overture, six symphonies, violin concerto in D Major, Romeo and Juliet
  3. c The two numbers, one above the other, at the beginning of a piece or section of a longer work that indicate its metrical pattern and how it is notated
  4. d 1883-1945, texture, expressive textures, sparse textures, use of silence, brevity-strict serialism
  5. e dying away

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  1. The displacement of an accent so that it occurs where it is not normally expected or does not occur where it is expected
  2. Decorates a melody by adding extra notes
  3. solemn
  4. Music in which one of more lines imitate one another for almost the entire work
  5. more

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  1. Chordophonemusical texture which focuses on a single melody with accompaning harmonies (mainly chordal)


  2. adagiovery slowly


  3. HarmonyThe sound of two or more notes made at the same time


  4. enharmonic noteswalking tempo


  5. Decrescendogradually getting louder


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