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  1. agitato
  2. Major Scale
  3. Wind Ensemble
  4. Phrase
  5. vivace
  1. a A series of seven different pitches within an octave, with half steps between the third and fourth steps and the seventh and eighth steps
  2. b An ensemble comprising wind and percussion instruments
  3. c A rather short, logical segment of music; it is comparable to a clause or phrase in language
  4. d lively / fast
  5. e agitated

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  1. light
  2. hold the note longer than its normal value (approximately twice the normal duration)
  3. 1841-1904, Czech, strongly ifluenced by Smetana-moved to U.S., famous works include Slavonic Danses, Symphony no. 9
  4. a sudden strong accent
  5. The simultaneous sounding of three or more pitches

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  1. Igor Stravinskyvery loud


  2. polyrhythmictwo or more different rhythms going along at the same time, strongly conflicting with each other


  3. Lili BoulangerA percussion instrument other than a drum


  4. poco a pocolittle


  5. Giuseppe Verdigradually getting faster


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