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  1. continuo
  2. Glissando
  3. Call-and-Response
  4. Jazz
  5. Texture
  1. a The form found in African music in which phrases of music are exchanged between soloist and group
  2. b The basic setting of the music: monophonic, homophonic, or polyphonic
  3. c At first this was music created by black Americans in the early 20th century.
  4. d Sliding from one note to another
  5. e a bass line only, unsually played on bassoon, cello, double bass

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  1. 1833-1897, vienna, conservative center of music tradition, friend of Robert and Clara Schumann-Variations on Haydn
  2. expressively
  3. Decorates a melody by adding extra notes
  4. Classical 1797-1828
  5. Notes of a chord played one after the other

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  1. Claude DebussyThe popular term for Concert Music


  2. Igor Stravinsky1882-1971, Russian, settled in France then U.S., early collaboration with Diaghilev and Ballets Russes, large, romantic era orchestra, Russian themes, neo-classism, serialism-Firebird, Petrushka, Rite of Spring


  3. PitchThe perceived highness of lowness of a musical sound


  4. Richard Wagnerslowly


  5. rallentandoSliding from one note to another


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