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  1. Octave
  2. piu
  3. Syncopation
  4. Decrescendo
  1. a A pitch that has twice or half the frequency of vibrations of another; usually the two pitches have the same letter designation
  2. b The music should gradually become softer
  3. c more
  4. d The displacement of an accent so that it occurs where it is not normally expected or does not occur where it is expected

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  1. The simultaneous sounding of three or more pitches
  2. The distance between two pitches
  3. light
  4. A device for muffling of dampening the sound of an instrument
  5. sweetly

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  1. tenutohold the note for its full value


  2. Wind Ensemblesame si


  3. Franz SchubertRomantic 1819-1896


  4. sforzandoheavily accented, with force


  5. Claude DebussyBallets Russes, Sergi Diaghilev, commissioned many composers, including French


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