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  1. fortissimo
  2. con
  3. Concert Music
  4. Imitation
  5. Tempo
  1. a Music created for the intellectual and psychological satisfaction it provides
  2. b very loud
  3. c The repetition of a theme in another part of line or a few beats later
  4. d with
  5. e The speed of the beats in a piece of music

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  1. continuous bass part, often with figures to indicate chords to be improvised on a harmony instrument
  2. Slight, rapid fluctuations of pitch
  3. Romantic 1840-1893
  4. The music should gradually become louder
  5. A rather short, logical segment of music; it is comparable to a clause or phrase in language

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  1. moltomuch


  2. CanonMusic in which one of more lines imitate one another for almost the entire work


  3. prestovery quick


  4. giocosoplayful


  5. homophonicmusical texture which focuses on a single melody with accompaning harmonies (mainly chordal)


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