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  1. sforzando
  2. Minor Scale
  3. moto
  4. Tonal Center
  5. Ornament
  1. a A series of seven pitches within an octave, with a half step between the second and third steps
  2. b motion
  3. c Decorates a melody by adding extra notes
  4. d The specific pitch around which a piece of music is centered
  5. e a sudden strong accent

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  1. expressively
  2. The simultaneous sounding of three or more pitches
  3. with freedom
  4. A central melody in a musical work
  5. moving along

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  1. piulittle


  2. Franz Peter Schubert1810-1856, master of lieder, solo piano, chamber music, orchestral music-Carnaval


  3. ground bassbass is repeated over and over whilst composition plays above


  4. Flutter tonguingA method of tonguing in which the player rolls the letter r


  5. ritardandogradually getting slower


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