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  1. Bowing
  2. Texture
  3. Fanfare
  4. Form
  5. allegro
  1. a The basic setting of the music: monophonic, homophonic, or polyphonic
  2. b A short piece played on trumpets for an occasion
  3. c quickly / cheerfully
  4. d The pattern or plan of a musical work
  5. e Using a bow for a stringed instrument

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  1. tranquil
  2. loud
  3. Two or more notes sounding together
  4. 1883-1945, texture, expressive textures, sparse textures, use of silence, brevity-strict serialism
  5. soft

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  1. Dissonancesweetly


  2. Movementlively


  3. Minor ScaleA series of pitches that proceeds upward of downward according to a prescribed pattern


  4. Pedalsmooth, connected


  5. a temporeturn to the original tempo


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