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  1. pedal
  2. George Frederic Handel
  3. homophonic
  4. leggiero
  5. monophonic
  1. a single melodic line without supporting harmonies
  2. b light
  3. c musical texture which focuses on a single melody with accompaning harmonies (mainly chordal)
  4. d note that repeats against changing harmony
  5. e Baroque 1685-1759

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  1. two or more parts weaved together as a musical texture (contrapuntal)
  2. much
  3. Any instrument that generates sound by vibrating a column of air
  4. more
  5. moderately soft

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  1. allegroquickly


  2. Tonal CenterThe specific pitch around which a piece of music is centered


  3. staccatoWork for solo instrument and orchestra


  4. Jean-Baptiste LullyBaroque 1632-1687


  5. continuoAfter one part starts to play or sing a melody, another part enters shortly afterwards with exactly the same melody


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