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  1. Accelerando
  2. staccato
  3. fine
  4. crescendo
  5. decrescendo
  1. a gradually getting louder
  2. b play note short and detached
  3. c gradually getting softer
  4. d The music gradually becomes faster
  5. e end

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  1. little
  2. 1860-1911, Brahms' Viennese successor, conductor, radical ideas, symphony, big orchestra, unusual sounds for a concert hall
  3. gradually faster
  4. The form found in African music in which phrases of music are exchanged between soloist and group
  5. Classical/Romantic 1770-1827

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  1. Concertoa bass line only, unsually played on bassoon, cello, double bass


  2. Jean-Baptiste LullyBaroque 1632-1687


  3. OrnamentDecorates a melody by adding extra notes


  4. TempoThe speed of the beats in a piece of music


  5. Diminuendodying away


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