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  1. lay the groundwork
  2. shush
  3. vestibule
  4. mess someone up
  5. burned out
  1. a to feel exhausted by something, e.g. homework
  2. b establish a foundation for something
  3. c to cause difficulties for someone
  4. d a large entrance or reception room or area
  5. e silence (someone) by uttering 'shush!'

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  1. to organize a get-together
  2. the dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food
  3. the head of a city government
  4. to mention
  5. a feeling of strong sexual desire

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  1. overratemake too high an estimate of


  2. crushsilence (someone) by uttering 'shush!'


  3. stucksilence (someone) by uttering 'shush!'


  4. brokea classification given to a patient upon arrival at the emergency room if the physician declares the patient dead


  5. back on trackback to where you were supposed to be


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