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  1. cull
  2. amorphous
  3. endemic
  4. homogenize
  5. amplify
  1. a widespread within a limited area
  2. b to make louder or more extreme
  3. c without shape; undefined
  4. d to make the same without
  5. e to select and remove the best or worst

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  1. peak; top
  2. to place or scatter something throughout something else
  3. portion; the act of distributing
  4. shortage; absence
  5. to take away strength or ability; to disable

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  1. enumerationplace where tow things meet; joining


  2. distensionto stretch; to swell


  3. homogeneousto make the same without


  4. dilateto decrease in force


  5. dollopto thicken, solidify; lump


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