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  1. allot
  2. confluence
  3. amplification
  4. incapacitate
  5. allotted
  1. a to take away strength or ability; to disable
  2. b to give out; to distribute
  3. c increase in intensity or volume; fuller explanation
  4. d a flowing together of (streams)
  5. e given a task t=or portion; assigned

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  1. the breaking into parts or pieces
  2. a small amount; a blob
  3. to add to; to attach
  4. decrease; lessening
  5. to weaken

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  1. homogeneousmade of different parts (opposite of homogenous)


  2. concentrichaving a common center


  3. apexpeak; top


  4. dilateto make wider or larger


  5. clumpa lump, cluster


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