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SAT Vocab 8 Test

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  1. apex
  2. homogeneous
  3. allocate
  4. abound
  5. intersperse
  1. a the highest point
  2. b to place or scatter something throughout something else
  3. c similar throughout; uniform
  4. d to set aside for a specific purpose
  5. e to be present in great quantity

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  1. something attached to a main body
  2. additional; secondary; supportie
  3. an area within a larger area
  4. entire range of something
  5. having a grainy texture

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  1. amorphousto make louder or more extreme


  2. dissolutiondecrease; lessening


  3. dehydrateto remove water


  4. allotmentportion; the act of distributing


  5. apogeeto decrease in force


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