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  1. Mammography
  2. Antenatal
  3. Placent/o
  4. Oophorocystectomy
  5. Metr/a/i/o
  1. a Removal of a bladder (cyst) form the ovary
  2. b Technigue of making a breast x-ray
  3. c Pertaining to before birth
  4. d Placenta
  5. e womb

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  1. Pertaining to woman-forming
  2. menstruation
  3. vagina
  4. Egg cell
  5. Instrument to view the womb

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  1. Mast/oMammory gland (breast)


  2. PerinatalPertaining to before birth


  3. SalpingoplastyTechnigue of making an X-ray of the oviduct (Fallopian tube)


  4. -gravidaA Woman who is pregnant and has had more than two previous pregnancies


  5. VulvovaginitisInflammation of the vulva and vagina


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