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  1. 10-14
  2. Chimera
  3. Right
  4. 18-19 hours
  5. LH - lutenizing hormone
  1. a the length of estrus in a cow
  2. b _____ is from the Greek word meaning monster, a complex of recombined DNA from more than one animal source making up an entirely different embryo
  3. c roosters should be left with the flock for at least
  4. d in chickens, the _____ ovary and oviduct degenerate
  5. e the pituitary hormone that stimulates ovulation is _____

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  1. the funnel-shaped end of an oviduct is an _____
  2. a mature follicle is called a _____
  3. a young female horse = _____
  4. the _____ is also known as the bulbourethral gland
  5. the length of estrus in a doe

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  1. 1:30the typical stocking rate for goats


  2. 2 yearsdoe rabbits are usually rebred when the litter is _____


  3. Cowpers
    seminal vesicles
    a beef heifer should reach puberty by _____ pounds and _____ months


  4. 19-25 daysaverage length of the estrous cycle in a mare


  5. French strawsmost bull semen in the US is stored in _____


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