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  1. Testosterone
  2. 1:7
  3. Prolactin
  4. Graafian follicle
  5. 6-12 months
  1. a average length of the estrous cycle in a bitch
  2. b in the male LH stimulates the production of _____
  3. c the drake-hen ratio should be _____ for breeding
  4. d the milk secretion (production) hormone is _____
  5. e a mature follicle is called a _____

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  1. roosters should be left with the flock for at least
  2. _____ causes regression of the corpus luteum
  3. age of puberty for sheep
  4. average gestation period of a ewe
  5. the eggshell is formed in the _____

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  1. 21 daysaverage length of the estrous cycle in a cow


  2. 2nd day of heataverage gestation period of a sow


  3. 32 daysaverage gestation period of a queen


  4. Clitoristhe sensory and erectile organ of the female is the _____


  5. Barrowa castrated chicken


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