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  1. 600-660 days
  2. Metestrus
  3. Motility
  4. 1:10-20
  5. Barrow
  1. a sperm is evaluated on the basis of _____
  2. b the typical stocking rate for turkeys
  3. c _____ occurs in about 90% of all heifers and is caused by the breakage of uterine capillaries, which become more fragile with decreasing levels of circulating _____ during the middle of the animal's cycle
  4. d a castrated boar
  5. e average gestation period of an elephant

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  1. the endometrial cups produce the unique hormone _____
  2. list 3 items you can check for in rectal palpation pregnancy diagnosis
  3. for maximum fertilization, sows should be bred _____ and _____ hours after the onset of estrus
  4. average gestation period of a queen
  5. the hormone that maintains pregnancy is _____

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  1. 19-25 daysafter insemination, chicken sperm are viable for as long as _____


  2. Fillyin chickens, the _____ ovary and oviduct degenerate


  3. Sheep, to super-ovulateroosters crow because of _____


  4. Freemartinthe milk secretion (production) hormone is _____


  5. Clitoristhe sensory and erectile organ of the female is the _____


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