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  1. 35-60
  2. Filly
  3. BST
  4. MPSG (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin)
  5. 1:10-20
  1. a the typical stocking rate for turkeys
  2. b a young female horse = _____
  3. c the endometrial cups produce the unique hormone _____
  4. d the hormone _____ has been shown to increase milk yield by as much as 20% when injected daily into the cow
  5. e a mature ram can handle _____ ewes

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  1. nidation is complete _____ days after the cow is fertilized
  2. age of puberty for a pig
  3. dairy heifers should be bred when they _____
  4. mating between the male and female chicken is mainly a matter of joining _____
  5. list 3 items you can check for in rectal palpation pregnancy diagnosis

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  1. Recombinant DNAa sow does not return to heat until after _____


  2. Cowpers
    seminal vesicles
    _____, _____ & _____ are three accessory sex glands in the male


  3. 1:7the typical stocking rate for chickens


  4. Uterus_____ is the shell gland in the hen


  5. ???a fetus releases the hormone _____, which triggers parturition


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