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  1. Graafian follicle
  2. Dr. L. Spallanzani
  3. Winking
  4. Prostaglandin
  5. 1:12
  1. a the typical stocking rate for chickens
  2. b an indication of estrus in the mare where the vulva opens and closes is called _____
  3. c a mature follicle is called a _____
  4. d _____ causes regression of the corpus luteum
  5. e _____ successfully artificially inseminated a bitch that gave birth to a litter of puppies in the 1780s

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  1. dairy heifers should be bred when they _____
  2. the length of estrus in a doe
  3. _____ is the milk letdown hormone
  4. roosters produce the highest quality of semen when exposed to _____ hours of light
  5. mating between the male and female chicken is mainly a matter of joining _____

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  1. Falla heifer that is bred and who conceives on May 1 should calve on _____


  2. Spermatogenesis_____ causes regression of the corpus luteum


  3. Male = 4-9 months / female = 5-10 monthsage of puberty for a pig


  4. Monotocous_____ is a term designating animals that usually produce only one offspring at each pregnancy


  5. Testosteronein dairy cows, the hormone _____ is assayed from milk samples for pregnancy diagnosis


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