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  1. Infundibulum
    aka fallopian tube
  2. Zygote
  3. Upper 3rd of the fallopian tube
  4. Motility
  5. Capon
  1. a _____ is the exact location of fertilization
  2. b a castrated chicken
  3. c the cell formed by the union of a sperm and an ovum is a _____
  4. d sperm is evaluated on the basis of _____
  5. e the funnel-shaped end of an oviduct is an _____

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  1. a fetus releases the hormone _____, which triggers parturition
  2. the milk secretion (production) hormone is _____
  3. when are rams most fertile? Least fertile?
  4. for maximum fertilization, sows should be bred _____ and _____ hours after the onset of estrus
  5. in dairy cows, the hormone _____ is assayed from milk samples for pregnancy diagnosis

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  1. Recombinant DNAbovine somatotropin that is used commercially today is made by a process called _____


  2. Epididymisaverage gestation period of a queen


  3. Clitoris_____ is the shell gland in the hen


  4. 22-26a mature ram can handle _____ ewes


  5. 1:12the typical stocking rate for chickens


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