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  1. how does the cause of viral hepatitis differ from that of toxic hepatitis?
  2. what is pulse oximetry?
  3. nose
  4. stomach
  5. abdomen
  1. a nonivasive method of estimating the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood.
  2. b nas/o rhin/o
  3. c abdomin/o celi/o lapar/o
  4. d gastr/o
  5. e viral hepatitis is caused by a virus;toxic hepatitis is a toxic reaction to chemical toxicants, hepatotoxic substances(ex. medications and alcohol)

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  1. viral (herpes simplex) or bacterial (cadida albicans) infections.
  2. spir/o pnea
  3. patient must have chronic bronchitits and emphysema.
  4. rectum
  5. breathing cessation that happens periodically during sleep

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  1. chestnas/o rhin/o


  2. what is the difference between cholelithiasis and cholecystitis?rectum


  3. rectumthorac/o pector/o


  4. How is a hiatal hernia caused?breathing cessation that happens periodically during sleep


  5. what are the characteristics of bacterial and viral pneumonia?bacterial is sudden and severe; symptoms include fever, cough, chills and difficulty breathing.
    Viral is gradual; symptoms include fever and a hacking cough...viral spreads through the lung fields where bacterial usually stays local


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