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  1. dogma of faith
  2. miracle
  3. yhwh
  4. omnipresent
  5. fourth gospel
  1. a a wonderful sign of God working among people, inviting us to believe and trust in him; Jesus performed these to reveal God's love for people
  2. b the Hebrew letters for the name of God that he revealed to Moses
  3. c the attribute of god that he is always present to all his creation
  4. d another name for the Gospel according to John
  5. e a truth taught by the Church as revealed by God

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  1. The holy spirit guiding the human writers of Sacred Scripture so that they would faithfully and accuratley communicate the word of God who is the principle author of the scriptures
  2. the collection of all the writings God has inspired authors to write in his name
  3. Marry being conceived without sin through the gift of the Holy Spirit and being chosen to become the mother of Jesus
  4. the mystery of 1 God in 3 Persons-God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
  5. The list of books that the catholic church has identified and teaches to be the inspired word of God

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  1. covenantlasting for all time; with no beginning or end. this states god is always was and always will be


  2. incarnationa word meaning "take on flesh"; it is the term the Church uses to name ourbelief that the Son jof God truly became human while remaining truly God; Jesus is true God and true man


  3. divine providenceGod's caring love for us; the attribute of God that his almighty power and caring love is always with us


  4. literary genrestyles of writing


  5. soulthe spiritual part of who we are that is immortal, or never dies; our inermost being; that which bears the imprint of the image of God


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