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  1. Knife
  2. Johnny
  3. Metaphor
  4. Marcia
  5. Dally Winston
  1. a Always scared, gets jumped, kills Bob
  2. b What Johnny uses to kill Bob
  3. c Compares two unlike things NOT like or as
  4. d Wild greaser who helps Johnny and Pony hide
  5. e Dark-Haired Soc girl, friends with Cherry Valance

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  1. Middle Curtis brother, really good looking
  2. book that Johnny and Pony read in the church
  3. A novel that deals with man vs society conflicts
  4. What Cherry asks Ponyboy if he ever watches
  5. Red Haired Soc Cheerleader at the movies

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  1. Ponyboymain character, the narrator


  2. Bobthe Soc who gets killed by Johnny


  3. SimileCompares two unlike things using like or as


  4. Two-Bit MatthewsFunny greaser who is friends with the Curtis brothers


  5. Churchthe main idea (or lesson) of a book


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