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  1. Theme
  2. Sodapop
  3. Cherry Valance
  4. Dally Winston
  5. Church
  1. a where Johnny and Pony hang out
  2. b Wild greaser who helps Johnny and Pony hide
  3. c the main idea (or lesson) of a book
  4. d Middle Curtis brother, really good looking
  5. e Red Haired Soc Cheerleader at the movies

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. main character, the narrator
  2. Compares two unlike things NOT like or as
  3. book that Johnny and Pony read in the church
  4. Compares two unlike things using like or as
  5. A novel that deals with man vs society conflicts

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  1. DarryDark-Haired Soc girl, friends with Cherry Valance


  2. MarciaDark-Haired Soc girl, friends with Cherry Valance


  3. Johnnymain character, the narrator


  4. Socsrich kids, bully greasers, drink beer, party


  5. External Conflictfight or argument (conflict) between two things


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