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  1. Orchialgia
  2. Scrotectomy
  3. Epididymectomy
  4. Vas deferens
  5. Scrotocele
  1. a Condition of pain in a testicle
  2. b The duct from the testes to penis
  3. c Removal of the epididymis
  4. d Removal of the scrotum
  5. e Hernia/protusion of the scrotum

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  1. Process/condition of hidden testes
  2. Pertaining to the penis
  3. Pertaining to within the testicle
  4. Uretha opens onto the dorsal (upper) surface of the penis
  5. Removal of the vans deferens

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  1. CryptorchidopexySurgical fixation of the hidden testes


  2. Orch/i/oTestes


  3. HypospadiaCondition of drawing out below (uretha opens onto the lower surface


  4. OrchioceleSurgical fixation of the testes


  5. Trans-scrotalPertaining to through/across the scrotum


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