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  1. Orchidopexy
  2. Epididym/o
  3. Vas deferens
  4. Megalopenis
  5. Epididymectomy
  1. a The duct from the testes to penis
  2. b Surgical fixation of the testes
  3. c Epididymis
  4. d An abnormally enlarged penis
  5. e Removal of the epididymis

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  1. Coiled tube in the testicle. Stores sperm
  2. Inflammation of the penis
  3. Inflammation of the epididymis
  4. Hernia/protusion/swelling of testes
  5. Process/condition of hidden testes

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  1. OrchioplastySurgical repair of a testicle


  2. PhalloectomyRemoval of the vans deferens


  3. Scrot/oGlans penis (tip of the penis)


  4. ScrotoplastyPlastic surgery/repair of the scrotum


  5. OrchialgiaCondition of pain in a testicle


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