What is Science?

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Glencoe Science Green chpt 1


a sample (or group) that is treated like other experimental groups except the independent variable is not applied to it.

dependent variable

factor that changes as a result of changing the independent variable; is measured during an experiment

independent variable

variable that is changed deliberately during an experiment


a general prediction or statement that can be tested by doing an experiment


an idea or physical object that represents something that can not easily be observed directly


way to understand our world and what is happening around us, using investigations and existing knowledge


application of science to make products or tools people can use


information obtained using the senses


possible explanation based on an observation


information that has been collected


influence in an unfair way to favor a particular outcome


a procedure carried out to discover, test, or demonstrate something

random sample

a type of sample taken without bias

data table

an organized way of using rows and columns to record results and observations


a single run of an experiment


a factor that can affect the results of an experiment


a factor in an experiment that you keep the same for each trial

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