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  1. ABducts the scapula, Rotates the scapula.
  2. Inserts on ULNA, origin Anterior surface on humerus
  3. Median nerve
  4. Medially epicondyle of Humerus
  5. Extensor digitorum
  1. a Serratus anterior has the following actions ______and ________
  2. b Flexor carpi radialis has its origin on the
  3. c The muscle that extends the digits in humans is___
  4. d The__________ is the nerve supply for the Palmaris longus of humans
  5. e The Brachialis (insertion) ________and origin _____

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  1. Teres Major and Coracobrachialis both __
  2. The extensor carpi radialis longus,extensor carpi radialis brevis and ______all ABduct the hand
  3. The Levator Scapulae ventralis usually has the following actions_____and ______.
  4. The _____ is a muscle of the anterior compartment of the forearm found only in humans and not cats.
  5. The flexor carpi ulnaris has the following action____ and ______

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  1. Teres MajorThe ____ has the same actions as the Latissimus dorsi muscle


  2. Spinal accessory nerve XIThe_________ is the nerve supply for the humans.


  3. Upper and Lower subscapular nervethe only rotator muscle that is a medial rotator of the shoulder is the____


  4. Radial nerveThe__________ is the nerve supply for the Palmaris longus of humans


  5. Medially rotates the armTeres Major and Coracobrachialis both __


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