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  1. Upper and Lower subscapular nerve
  2. Brachioradialis
  3. Inserts on Radius' Origin on supracondyloid ridge of humerus.
  4. Adducts the wrist (hand),Flexes the wrist (hand)
  5. ADducts the arm
  1. a Brachioradialis (inserts ) ________ and has its (origin ) _______.
  2. b The flexor carpi ulnaris has the following action____ and ______
  3. c The ______ is the nerve supply for the subscapularis of Humans.
  4. d the is the only flxor muscle served by the radial nerve.
  5. e Teres Major and Coracobrachialis both __

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  1. The_________ is the nerve supply for the humans.
  2. The nerve supply to the Anconeus muscle is the _______
  3. The _____ is a muscle of the anterior compartment of the forearm found only in humans and not cats.
  4. The action of the Subscapularis
  5. The Levator Scapulae ventralis usually has the following actions_____and ______.

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  1. Medially epicondyle of HumerusThe action of the Subscapularis


  2. ABducts the scapula, Rotates the scapula.The action of the Rhomboid muscle is _______ ,elevates scapula, and rotates , served by dorsal scapular nerve


  3. Teres MajorThe__________ is the nerve supply for the Palmaris longus of humans


  4. Median nerveThe nerve supply to the Anconeus muscle is the _______


  5. Subscapularisthe only rotator muscle that is a medial rotator of the shoulder is the____


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