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A Depressed Whale Test

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  1. I said give me your money bitch!
  2. Well I guess that's all a whale can do, huh?
  3. You know how big whales are?
  4. (whale pulls out gun) This is a robbery! Give me all your god dam money!
  5. Nothing! Cause whales are so god dam humungous!
  6. Alright, Alright. I don't want any trouble.

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  1. That sounds reasonable. Well except, I'm not a robber, I'm an eternal fairs officer investigating police corruption!Alright, Alright. I don't want any trouble.


  2. I'll go to jail man. Do you know what they do to whales in jail?So how's this gonna play out? The easy way or the hard way?


  3. Aww man, that's some crap!I'm an undercover cop! This is a stain!


  4. What's that?And you know what else?


  5. I'll be honest, I'm don't fully understand where that leaves us.Well! Then do I have a supprise for you! I'm not a cop, I'm a fry cook at Steak & Shake.


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