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  1. Nothing! Cause whales are so god dam humungous!
  2. Well maybe we can work something out, off the record.
  3. Alright, Alright. I don't want any trouble.
  4. How 'bout you give me any of the cash you've stolen and we can pretend this never happened.
  5. Have you tried eating some plankton?
  6. I'm an undercover cop! This is a stain!

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  1. What's that?And you know what else?


  2. Well this has taken a turn.And you know what else?


  3. I'll be honest, I'm don't fully understand where that leaves us.Well! Then do I have a supprise for you! I'm not a cop, I'm a fry cook at Steak & Shake.


  4. Well to be honest, I'm feeling kind of depressed.Hey, Mr. Whale. What's goin on?


  5. Yeah, and that didn't really help. I'm still really depressed.I'm not depressed. That was just a ruiz.


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