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  1. estar de mas / de sobra
  2. echar chispas
  3. estar en las nubes
  4. estar loco de atar / de remate
  5. echar la bronca a uno
  1. a to be in the clouds, daydreaming
  2. b to be completely crazy
  3. c to get furious, angry
  4. d to give someone a dressing down
  5. e to be in excess

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  1. to blame
  2. to be right at home
  3. its clear
  4. to fancy oneself as, to boast of being
  5. to be soaked to the skin

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  1. estar hecho una sopato get soacked


  2. estar en condicionesto be in the clouds, daydreaming


  3. echar floresto ruin, to spoil


  4. echarse ato start to


  5. estar sin blancaits cloudy


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