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  1. echar de menos
  2. echar la bronca a uno
  3. estar en las nubes
  4. estar de mas / de sobra
  5. estar hecho una sopa
  1. a to miss
  2. b to get soacked
  3. c to be in excess
  4. d to be in the clouds, daydreaming
  5. e to give someone a dressing down

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  1. to be in suspense
  2. to be beside oneself emotionally
  3. to be in good shape, to be able to
  4. to ruin, to spoil
  5. to fancy oneself as, to boast of being

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  1. esta despejado / claroits clear


  2. echar chispasto flatter, sweet-talk


  3. estar sin blancato be flat broke


  4. echarse ato fancy oneself as, to boast of being


  5. echar floresto get furious, angry


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