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  1. esta despejado / claro
  2. estar en las nubes
  3. echarse a
  4. echarselas de
  5. estar calado / mojado hasta los huesos
  1. a to start to
  2. b to be in the clouds, daydreaming
  3. c its clear
  4. d to be soaked to the skin
  5. e to fancy oneself as, to boast of being

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  1. to blame
  2. to flatter, sweet-talk
  3. to be in excess
  4. its cloudy
  5. to be in good shape, to be able to

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  1. estar fuera de sito be beside oneself emotionally


  2. estar en la lunato have one's head in the clouds


  3. estar hecho polvoto get worn out


  4. estar sin blancaits cloudy


  5. echar a perderto ruin, to spoil


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