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  1. Immunoglobulin
  2. Hemolysis
  3. Neutrophils
  4. Myocardium
  5. Thrombocytes
  1. a Ig stands for
  2. b a type of white blood cell used in the first line of defense against infection by engulfing the bacteria or necrotic tissue
  3. c also called blood platelets
  4. d _____ = breakdown of red blood cells
  5. e thick muscular layer of the heart

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  1. when too much CO2 is removed from the blood this condition results
  2. supernatant yellow fluid expressed when blood clots in a test tube
  3. abnormally low number of white blood cells characteristic of a viral infection
  4. immature red blood cells with nuclei
  5. connects the right and left atria in the fetus

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  1. Phagocytosisterm meaning to ingest (as in bacteria)


  2. Sino atrial node / pacemakerlarge blood vessel that carries blood back to the heart from the lower extremities and abdominal region


  3. Hepatic portal systemblood drained from the stomach, spleen, pancreas and intestines is filtered through this are before it enters the general circulation


  4. Pericardiumthick muscular layer of the heart


  5. Anemiadisorder meaning without blood


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