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  1. Capillaries
  2. Packed cell volume
  3. Diastole
  4. Macrophage
  5. Tricuspid
  1. a smallest blood vessels allowing only a single blood cell to pass at a time
  2. b also called the right A-V valve
  3. c phase of the cardiac cycle where the heart is relaxed just prior to and during the filling of the chamber
  4. d also called hematocrit value
  5. e system that eats up fragile, worn-out red blood cells that break up in passing through the spleen

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  1. valve prevents backflow of blood into right ventricles
  2. another name for white blood cells
  3. progressive proliferation of abnormal white blood cells found in blood producing tissues and the blood itself
  4. these structures are scattered along the course of lymphatic vessels which serve as filters and act as one of the first body defenses against infection
  5. heartbeat originates in the _____ of the heart

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  1. Hepatic portal systeminstrument used to measure actual red blood cell count


  2. Endocarditisinflammation of the lining of the heart


  3. Thrombocytesalso called blood platelets


  4. Aortalargest artery in the body


  5. Erythroblastsanother name for red blood cells


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