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  1. Leukocytes
  2. Pericardium
  3. Fibrinogen
  4. Phagocytosis
  5. Anaphylactic
  1. a shock caused by histamine release in reaction to allergic response
  2. b term meaning to ingest (as in bacteria)
  3. c a serious sac that partially surrounds the heart
  4. d is a beta-1-globulin essential in the clotting mechanism
  5. e another name for white blood cells

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  1. located at junction of pulmonary artery and right ventricle
  2. _____ = breakdown of red blood cells
  3. the most abundant protein in plasma
  4. connects the right and left atria in the fetus
  5. also called prussic acid poisoning

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  1. Packed cell volumealso called hematocrit value


  2. Anemiathe most abundant protein in plasma


  3. Stenosisnarrowing of vessel caused by a thickening or presence of scar tissue


  4. Bicuspid valvealso called the mitral valve


  5. Lymphocyteswhite blood cell that responds to antigens by forming antibodies that circulate in the blood


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