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  1. Foramen ovale
  2. Leukocytes
  3. Capillaries
  4. Thrombocytes
  5. Differential leukocyte count
  1. a a _____ is made by spreading a drop of whole blood thinly on a glass slide to form a blood smear. After staining the slide is examined with a microscope and the number of white blood cells of each kind is tabulated
  2. b another name for white blood cells
  3. c connects the right and left atria in the fetus
  4. d also called blood platelets
  5. e smallest blood vessels allowing only a single blood cell to pass at a time

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  1. abnormally low number of white blood cells characteristic of a viral infection
  2. instrument used to measure actual red blood cell count
  3. superficial veins along the neck of all animals
  4. progressive proliferation of abnormal white blood cells found in blood producing tissues and the blood itself
  5. _____ = breakdown of red blood cells

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  1. Packed cell volumemeasure the percentage (by volume) of whole blood that is constituted by red blood cells


  2. Lymph nodesthese structures are scattered along the course of lymphatic vessels which serve as filters and act as one of the first body defenses against infection


  3. Phagocytosiswhen too much CO2 is in the blood this condition results


  4. Bicuspid valvealso called the mitral valve


  5. Systolealso called prussic acid poisoning


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