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  1. Corroborate
  2. Affable
  3. Cognizant
  4. Bogus
  5. Cadaverous
  1. a pale, gaunt, resembling a corpse
  2. b counterfeit; not authentic; intentionally false
  3. c establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
  4. d aware; having knowledge of something
  5. e Diffusing warmth and friendliness

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  1. To agree or express agreement
  2. extreme greed for material wealth
  3. influence by slyness
  4. Provide physical relief, as from pain
  5. an insufficient quantity or number

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  1. Capriciouspale, gaunt, resembling a corpse


  2. DeferenceTo compel by force


  3. Astutecensure severely


  4. Blasphemyan absence of emotion or enthusiasm


  5. Complacentcontented to a fault


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