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  1. hyperopia
  2. stimulation deafness
  3. pheromone
  4. Young-Hemholtz Theory
  5. astigmatism
  1. a an airborne chemical signal (seen among animals for mating, etc.).
  2. b farsightedness, eye is too short, nearby objects blurry, faraway objects clear.
  3. c damage caused by exposing the hair cells to excessively loud sounds.
  4. d when eye has more than one focal point, parts of vision are blurry.
  5. e another name for the trichromatic theory.3

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  1. the opening at the front of the eye through which light passes.
  2. the receptor organ for taste.
  3. internal standards for judging stimuli.
  4. the change in stimulus intensity that is detectable to an observer.
  5. any noticeable difference in a stimulus.

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  1. hair cellsreceptor cells in the cochlea that transduce vibrations into nerve impulses.


  2. visible spectruman area of the retina lacking visual receptors.


  3. conesvisual receptors for dim light that produce only black and white sensations.


  4. depth perceptionthe mental process of organizing sensations into meaningful patterns.


  5. anosmialoss or impairment of the sense of smell.


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