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  1. engineering psychology
  2. kinesthetic sense
  3. fovea
  4. rhodopsin
  5. trichromatic theory
  1. a the senses of body movement and positioning.
  2. b an area at the center of the retina containing only cones.
  3. c says that there are 3 types of cones, each sensitive to either red, yellow, or blue...any other color is a combination of these 3.
  4. d light-sensitive pigment in the rods.
  5. e specialty concerned with making machines and work environments compatible with human perceptual and physical capacities.

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  1. perception of space and depth caused chiefly by the fact that the eyes receive different images...causes 3D sight.
  2. changes in the shape of the lens of the eye.
  3. the senses of balance, position in space, and acceleration.
  4. ability to see 3D space and accurately judge distances.
  5. voluntarily focusing on a specific sensory input.

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  1. opponent-process theorysays that higher and lower tones excite specific areas of the cochlea.


  2. pupilthe opening at the front of the eye through which light passes.


  3. perceptual learningresistance to perceiving threatening or disturbing stimuli.


  4. apparent-distance hypothesistries to explain moon illusion in saying that the horizon seems more distant than the night sky.


  5. Organ of Corticenter part of the cochlea, containing hair cells, canals, and membranes.


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