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  1. sensory conflict theory
  2. subliminal perception
  3. illusion
  4. psychophysics
  5. visible spectrum
  1. a explains motion sickness as the result of a mismatch between information from vision, the vestibular system, and kinesthesis.
  2. b study of the relationship between physical stimuli and the sensations they evoke in a human observer... What is the
  3. c perception of a stimulus below the threshold for conscious recognition.
  4. d a misleading or distorted perception.
  5. e the part of the electromagnetic spectrum to which the eyes are sensitive.

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  1. the minimum amount of physical energy necessary to produce a sensation... ex. tick of watch under quiet conditions, bee wing falling on cheek, drop of perfume in apartment, etc.
  2. illusion of movement in which an object is shown in rapidly changing series of positions.
  3. deafness caused by damage to the hair cells or auditory nerve.
  4. an area at the center of the retina containing only cones.
  5. sensations produced by the skin, muscles, joints, viscera, and organ of balance.

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  1. place theorysmell.


  2. sensationinformation arriving from the sense organs creates this.


  3. extrasensory perceptionthe purported ability to perceive events in ways that cannot be explained by known capacities of the sensory organs.


  4. pupilthe opening at the front of the eye through which light passes.


  5. opponent-process theorysays that vision analyzes colors into "either-or" messages (red/green, yellow/blue, black/white).


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