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AP Psych Unit 4 Test

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  1. figure-ground organization
  2. presbyopia
  3. sensory adaptation
  4. stroboscopic movement
  5. top-down processing
  1. a farsightedness caused by aging.
  2. b illusion of movement in which an object is shown in rapidly changing series of positions.
  3. c part of stimulus appears to stand out as an object (figure) against a less prominent background (ground).
  4. d using preexisting knowledge to rapidly organize features into a meaningful whole.
  5. e a decrease in sensory response to an unchanging stimulus.

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  1. farsightedness, eye is too short, nearby objects blurry, faraway objects clear.
  2. any noticeable difference in a stimulus.
  3. the study of extranormal psychological events, such as extrasensory perception.
  4. inability to perceive colors.
  5. the senses of balance, position in space, and acceleration.

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  1. lensfocuses images on the light-sensitive layer.


  2. illusionsmell.


  3. extrasensory perceptionability to see 3D space and accurately judge distances.


  4. conesvisual receptors for colors and daylight visual activity.


  5. apparent-distance hypothesisthe strict relationship between the distance an object lies from the eyes and the size of its image.


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