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  1. depth perception
  2. parapsychology
  3. extrasensory perception
  4. selective attention
  5. stimulation deafness
  1. a the study of extranormal psychological events, such as extrasensory perception.
  2. b ability to see 3D space and accurately judge distances.
  3. c damage caused by exposing the hair cells to excessively loud sounds.
  4. d voluntarily focusing on a specific sensory input.
  5. e the purported ability to perceive events in ways that cannot be explained by known capacities of the sensory organs.

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  1. colored circular muscle that controls the amount of light entering the eye.
  2. loss or impairment of the sense of smell.
  3. the senses of body movement and positioning.
  4. says that tones up to 4000 hertz are converted to nerve impulses that match the frequency of each tone.
  5. smell.

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  1. Muller-Lyer Illusiontwo equal-length lines tipped with inward or outward pointing V's appear to be of different lengths.


  2. Weber's Lawthe amount of change needed to produce a JND is a constant proportion of the original stimulus intensity.


  3. apparent-distance hypothesistries to explain moon illusion in saying that the horizon seems more distant than the night sky.


  4. perceptual learningchanges in perception that can be attributed to prior experience.


  5. illusiona misleading or distorted perception.


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