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  1. What we spend on goods and services.
  2. Change in savings/Disposable income
  3. Durability
    Irregularity of innovation
    Variability of profits
    Variability of expectations
  4. deliberate manipulation of taxes and government spending by the Congress to alter real domestic output and employment, to control inflation, and to stimulate economic growth during a particular period of time
  5. leftward shift in the AS curve
  6. Spend less, GDP will go down
    Spend more, GDP will go up

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  1. Marginal Propensity to ConsumeChange in consumption/Disposable income


  2. 3 reasons for downward slope of AD curvereal-balances effect
    interest rate effect
    foreign purchases effect


  3. Contractionary fiscal policyan increase in taxes or decrease in government spending or both, so that the net effect on aggregate demand is a decrease in net government spending


  4. Expansionary fiscal policyincreases in government spending or decreases in taxes or both, so that the net effect on aggregate demand is an increase in net government spending


  5. Average Propensity to ConsumeSavings/Disposable income


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