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  1. Two hundred dollars saves you five dollars.
  2. thirty dollars
  3. half day extra twenty two fifty
  4. con·ti·nen·tal
    of or of the nature of a continen
    a piece of paper currency issued by the Continental Congress during the American Revolution.
    a small amount: advice that's not worth a continental.
  5. Continental
  1. a full day care plays group price without a groom
  2. b Night and board package of 5 price
  3. c Continental definition
  4. d If a dog is left over night and picked up after ten am charged
  5. e Continental

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  1. store web site
  2. boarding check in question 2
  3. Spell out the store name
  4. Night and board package of 10 price
  5. half day care play group price with groom

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  1. 1729 Centre street West Roxbury MA 02132Spell out the store name


  2. Are there any feeding insructions you like me to have?Day care package of 10 price


  3. What is your emergency contact information?boarding check in question 1


  4. seven am to ten amdrop of time during weekend


  5. four to six pmpick up time during weekend


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