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  1. migraine headaches
  2. Leukocytes
  3. Alarm reaction
  4. exhaustion stage
  5. resistance stage
  1. a White blood cells
  2. b throbbing headaches that are connected with changes int he supply of blood to the head
  3. c the second stage of GAS characterized by prolonged sympathetic activity in an effort to restore lost energy and repair damage. also called the adaptation stage
  4. d the third stage of the GAS, characterized by weakened resistance and possible deterioration.
  5. e the first stage of the GAS, which is triggered by the impact of a stressor and characterized by sympathetic activity.

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  1. the demand that is made on an organism to adapt
  2. people who perceive the ability to attain reinforcements as being largely within themselves
  3. a cluster of traits that buffer stress and are characterized by commitment, challenge, and control
  4. conflict in which the goals are negative, but aviodance of requires approaching the other
  5. an innate adaptive response to the perception of danger

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  1. antigena substance that stimulates the body to mount an immune system response to it.


  2. immune systemWhite blood cells


  3. multiple approach-avoidancea type of conflict in which the same goal produces approach and avoidance motives


  4. pathogena microscopic organism that can cause disease


  5. eustress (you-stress)stress that is healthful.


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