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  1. inflammation
  2. self efficacy expectiations
  3. Leukocytes
  4. psychological hardiness
  5. antibodies
  1. a substances formed by white blood cells that recognize and destroy antigens
  2. b increased blood flow to an injury
  3. c White blood cells
  4. d a cluster of traits that buffer stress and are characterized by commitment, challenge, and control
  5. e our beliefs that we can bring about desired changes through our own efforts.

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  1. the place (locus) to which an individual attributes control over the receiving of reinforcers- either inside or outside the self
  2. the third stage of the GAS, characterized by weakened resistance and possible deterioration.
  3. the first stage of the GAS, which is triggered by the impact of a stressor and characterized by sympathetic activity.
  4. people who perceive the ability to attain reinforcements as being largely outside themselves
  5. a type of conflict in which each of a number of goals produces approach and avoidance motives.

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  1. antigena substance that stimulates the body to mount an immune system response to it.


  2. avoidance-aviodancea type of conflict in which the same goal produces approach and avoidance motives


  3. pathogena microscopic organism that can cause disease


  4. migraine headachespeople who perceive the ability to attain reinforcements as being largely within themselves


  5. hypertensionhigh blood pressure


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