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  1. immune system
  2. Leukocytes
  3. migraine headaches
  4. catastrphize
  5. serum cholesterol
  1. a throbbing headaches that are connected with changes int he supply of blood to the head
  2. b cholesterol in the blood
  3. c to interpret negative events as being disastrous; to blow out of proportion.
  4. d the system of the body that recognizes and destroys foreign agents (antigens) that invade the body.
  5. e White blood cells

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  1. the place (locus) to which an individual attributes control over the receiving of reinforcers- either inside or outside the self
  2. a cluster of traits that buffer stress and are characterized by commitment, challenge, and control
  3. increased blood flow to an injury
  4. stress that is healthful.
  5. Selye's term for a hypothesized three-stage response to stress

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  1. resistance stagethe second stage of GAS characterized by prolonged sympathetic activity in an effort to restore lost energy and repair damage. also called the adaptation stage


  2. psychoneuroimmunologythe field that studies the relationships between psychological factors and the functioning of the immune system.


  3. pathogena substance that stimulates the body to mount an immune system response to it.


  4. internalspeople who perceive the ability to attain reinforcements as being largely outside themselves


  5. fight-or-flight reactionan innate adaptive response to the perception of danger


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