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  1. Dendrites
  2. 12
  3. Brain
    spinal chord
  4. Arachnoid
  5. Epinephrine
  1. a the intermediate layer
  2. b there are _____ pairs of cranial nerves
  3. c example of a catecholamine
  4. d the central nervous system is made up of:
  5. e carry nerve impulses toward the cell body

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  1. is used to block the parasympathetic system during preanesthesia
  2. depolarization of the membrane of a nerve cell occurs by the rapid influx of _____
  3. the presence of myelin gives a nerve fiber its _____ color
  4. an example of a sympathomimetic agent
  5. _____ the conducting medium in between two nerves at the synapse except at the postganglionic sympathetic fibers where _____ is the medium

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  1. Meningesa triple-layered membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord


  2. Somaticalso called the voluntary nervous system


  3. Amphetaminesdrugs that stimulate the release of norepinephrine from neurovesicles


  4. Epidural spacefat-filled space between he periosteum of the vertebral canal and the most superficial membrane surrounding spinal cord


  5. Corpus collosumsupporting neural tissue involved in the formation of the myelin sheath and blood-brain barrier


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