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  1. Afferent/sensory
  2. Glial cells
  3. Sympathetic
  4. Cerebrospinal
  5. Autonomic
  1. a supporting neural tissue involved in the formation of the myelin sheath and blood-brain barrier
  2. b fluid which acts as a shock absorber for the brain
  3. c also called the involuntary nervous system
  4. d also called the thoracolumbar nervous system
  5. e neuron that transmits nerve impulses to the spinal cord or brain

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  1. fat-filled space between he periosteum of the vertebral canal and the most superficial membrane surrounding spinal cord
  2. a triple-layered membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord
  3. clusters of neuron cell bodies found outside the CNS
  4. principal connection between cerebral hemispheres
  5. drugs that stimulate the release of norepinephrine from neurovesicles

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  1. Acetylcholine
    example of a catecholamine


  2. Epinephrine
    _____ the conducting medium in between two nerves at the synapse except at the postganglionic sympathetic fibers where _____ is the medium


  3. Brain
    spinal chord
    the central nervous system is made up of:


  4. Neuronscarry nerve impulses away from the cell body


  5. Myelin sheaththe gray matter of the brain consists mainly of _____ (type of neuron cell)


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