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  1. pacemaker
  2. congestive heart failure
  3. pericarditis
  4. sickle cell anemia
  5. gangrene
  1. a artificial device to give electrical conduction to atria
  2. b inflammation of the sac around the heart
  3. c tissue decay due to lack of blood supply; may lead to death of tissue (necrosis)
  4. d left heart failure; inability of the left ventricle to pump effectively resulting in congestion of circulation
  5. e sever, possibly fatal, hereditary disease caused by an abnormal type of hemoglobin

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  1. any group of X-linked inherited blood clotting disorders; lack Factor XIII, needed in the blood clotting process
  2. disease of the myocardium
  3. recording of electrical activity of the heart
  4. swelling
  5. cancer of WBC, abnormal production, accumulate in marrow, drop in RBC, WBC and platelets; usually fatal in less than one year

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  1. mitral stenosisnarrowing of the bicuspid, increases resistance of blood flow


  2. aneurysmdeficient number of red blood cells or deficient hemoglobin. caused by excessive destruction of RBCs, blood loss, inadequate production of RBCs, inherited disorders


  3. myocardial infarctioninflammation of the heart muscle


  4. phlebitisartificial device to give electrical conduction to atria


  5. arteriosclerosisbuild up of lipids in blood vessels; may lead to arteriosclerosis. may lead to ischemia - reduced blood supply to tissue


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