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  1. rheumatic fever
  2. gangrene
  3. mononucleosis
  4. angioplasty
  5. edema
  1. a contagious viral infection of blood that causes irregularly shaped RBCs; virus spread through saliva
  2. b tissue decay due to lack of blood supply; may lead to death of tissue (necrosis)
  3. c swelling
  4. d procedure in which occluded vessel is opened
  5. e inflammatory condition developing after bacterial infection; may cause valve problems; may cause heart and/or kidney problems

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  1. recording of electrical activity of the heart
  2. local tissue damage caused by extreme cold
  3. disease of the Rh factor in a second or later Rh+ child born to a Rh- mother
  4. inflammation of the heart muscle
  5. sever, possibly fatal, hereditary disease caused by an abnormal type of hemoglobin

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  1. myocardial infarctioninflammation of the heart muscle


  2. mitral valve prolapsenarrowing of the bicuspid, increases resistance of blood flow


  3. congestive heart failurea swishing sound heard due to faulty valves


  4. aneurysmdeficient number of red blood cells or deficient hemoglobin. caused by excessive destruction of RBCs, blood loss, inadequate production of RBCs, inherited disorders


  5. hypotensionhigh blood pressure, pre-hypertension 120/80


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