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  1. varicose veins
  2. erythroblastosis fetalis
  3. hemophilia
  4. electrocardiogram
  5. congestive heart failure
  1. a recording of electrical activity of the heart
  2. b disease of the Rh factor in a second or later Rh+ child born to a Rh- mother
  3. c enlarged vein in which blood pools
  4. d left heart failure; inability of the left ventricle to pump effectively resulting in congestion of circulation
  5. e any group of X-linked inherited blood clotting disorders; lack Factor XIII, needed in the blood clotting process

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  1. cancer of WBC, abnormal production, accumulate in marrow, drop in RBC, WBC and platelets; usually fatal in less than one year
  2. inflammation of the heart muscle
  3. thickening, hardening, and loss of elasticity in blood vessels
  4. abnormal bulge in wall of blood vessel
  5. swelling

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  1. phlebitisvein inflammation often with blood clots


  2. angioplastyprocedure in which occluded vessel is opened


  3. pacemakerartificial device to give electrical conduction to atria


  4. hemorrhagebleeding from a blood vessel


  5. hypotensionlow blood pressure, less than 90/60 mm Hg


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