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  1. congestive heart failure
  2. pacemaker
  3. pericarditis
  4. edema
  5. heart murmur
  1. a inflammation of the sac around the heart
  2. b swelling
  3. c artificial device to give electrical conduction to atria
  4. d a swishing sound heard due to faulty valves
  5. e left heart failure; inability of the left ventricle to pump effectively resulting in congestion of circulation

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  1. abnormal bulge in wall of blood vessel
  2. recording of electrical activity of the heart
  3. disease of the myocardium
  4. inflammation of the heart muscle
  5. build up of lipids in blood vessels; may lead to arteriosclerosis. may lead to ischemia - reduced blood supply to tissue

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  1. frostbitelocal tissue damage caused by extreme cold


  2. angioplastyprocedure in which occluded vessel is opened


  3. rheumatic feverinflammatory condition developing after bacterial infection; may cause valve problems; may cause heart and/or kidney problems


  4. angina pectorisprocedure in which occluded vessel is opened


  5. hypertensionlow blood pressure, less than 90/60 mm Hg


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