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  1. chief executive
  2. double jeopardy
  3. senate
  4. congress
  5. state of the union address
  1. a being tried more than once for the same crime
  2. b national legislature
  3. c president of the United States
  4. d upper house of the national legislature
  5. e message delivered by the president once a year

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  1. all the procedures for fair treatment must be carried out whenever a citizen is accused of a crime
  2. powers specifically granted in the constitution
  3. lower house of the national legislature
  4. first ten amendments
  5. electors chosen by the states to elect the president and vice president

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  1. implied powerspowers not specifically stated in the constitution


  2. suffrageright to vote


  3. checks and balancesclause in the constitution that allows congress to pass laws necessary to carry out its enumerated powers


  4. Preambleupper house of the national legislature


  5. supreme courthighest federal court in the United States


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