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  1. el respeto hacia
  2. Supongo que
  3. Si fueras...¿qué harías?
  4. la falta (de)
  5. Tengo la impresión de que
  1. a respect for
  2. b lack of
  3. c If you were...what would you do?
  4. d I'm under the impression that
  5. e I suppose that

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  1. stereotype
  2. to appreciate
  3. I understand that
  4. to respect
  5. ignorance

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  1. Si tuviera...compraríaIf I had...I would buy


  2. Si pudieras...¿adónde irías?If you were...what would you do?


  3. darse cuenta deto realize


  4. Me imagino queI suppose that


  5. Si pudiera...viviríaIf I had...I would buy


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