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  1. Norm
  2. noise
  3. Appropriateness
  4. Listener Standard
  5. Occasion Standard
  1. a time, place, purpose of an event
  2. b interferes with or disrups communication
  3. c what is suitable for a specific situation
  4. d stated or implied expectation
  5. e considering needs, desires, and limitations of others

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  1. part played in a specific setting or situation
  2. things needed to do a job and complete task effectively
  3. tone in which interaction takes place, influences emotional, attitudinal, and intellectual tone of communication
  4. blocks communication
  5. situation in which communication occurs

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  1. Transactional processthings needs to nurture and maintain goodwill with people (tacy, courtesy, respect)


  2. communicatorcreates meaning, sends, and receives messages, and exchanges meaning


  3. Attitudesthings needed to do a job and complete task effectively


  4. Self Standardknowing who you are, what you want to achieve, and how you want others to perceive you


  5. messageconveys meaning, feeling, and various kinds of energy from sender; info exchanged between communicators


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