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  1. What is the allusion connected with the first black cat's name?
  2. Why does the narrator kill Pluto?
  3. What does the narrator first do to the black cat after he comes home drunk one night?
  4. Why does the narrator originally not kill the black cat?
  5. How old was Poe when he died?
  1. a 40
  2. b He is ashamed of what he did to Pluto. He dreads the cat.
  3. c Pluto loved him. He knew it was wrong. He knew it was a sin. Pluto did not give him a reason to do it.
  4. d This was the Roman god of the underworld.
  5. e He cuts the cat's eye out after the cat bites him.

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  1. Puts her in the wall of the cellar
  2. hints given that tell readers what may happen in the story
  3. Writing in everyday language; written in paragraphs
  4. methods used by a writer to introduce or describe characters to readers
  5. They are black. They are missing an eye.

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  1. What is a conflagration?Giving nonhuman things human characteristics


  2. Why did people make fun of the narrator when he was younger?The cat trips him, and he gets mad. He turns and in a fit of passion kills his wife.


  3. What is a simile?a comparison using like or as


  4. What does intemperance mean?abnormal


  5. How does the narrator kill his wife?He drives an axe in her head.


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