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  1. Does our narrator feel guilty for killing his wife?
  2. What is characterization?
  3. How old was Poe when he died?
  4. What is a hogshead?
  5. Why did people make fun of the narrator when he was younger?
  1. a a barrell
  2. b methods used by a writer to introduce or describe characters to readers
  3. c No
  4. d He was sensitive and tender hearted.
  5. e 40

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  1. Giving nonhuman things human characteristics
  2. excesive consumption of alcohol
  3. The white splotch that looks like the gallows--hints that death will find our narrator
  4. Puts her in the wall of the cellar
  5. They are black. They are missing an eye.

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  1. What are some hints that Poe's gives us that our narrator is in jail and will be executed?His house burns.


  2. Who does the narrator want to kill instead of his wife?Puts her in the wall of the cellar


  3. What is the first black cat's name?We are not told this information.


  4. What does the new cat have on his chest?He has a white splotch that is shaped like a hangman's noose.


  5. Who does Poe marry?Virginia, his first cousin


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