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  1. What is the first black cat's name?
  2. How does the narrator get caught in his crime?
  3. What is the allusion connected with the first black cat's name?
  4. Does our narrator feel guilty for killing his wife?
  5. Who does Poe marry?
  1. a Pluto
  2. b No
  3. c This was the Roman god of the underworld.
  4. d He hits the wall with his cane, and the cat lets out a horrible sounding scream.
  5. e Virginia, his first cousin

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  1. hints given that tell readers what may happen in the story
  2. He begins to drink. He is mean to his wife and animals.
  3. Pluto loved him. He knew it was wrong. He knew it was a sin. Pluto did not give him a reason to do it.
  4. They are black. They are missing an eye.
  5. a barrell

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  1. What does intemperance mean?abnormal


  2. Why does the narrator kill his wife?The cat trips him, and he gets mad. He turns and in a fit of passion kills his wife.


  3. What is on the one wall that did not burn of the house?He has a white splotch that is shaped like a hangman's noose.


  4. What is a metaphor?the narrator of a poem


  5. How does the narrator kill Pluto?He hangs him from a tree in the garden.


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