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  1. eagle- ascension
  2. withdrew to the desert, "true Israel", Other Jews are bad, Messiah coming to them 1st, Copied things down and hid them from Romans
  3. 1. Father- ben/bar- "son of"
    2. Occupation- the carpenter
    3. Town- Nazarene- first name for the early Christians

    7-4 B.C.-30 A.D.
  4. i. Parousia- Jesus would be back soon
    ii. They thought as soon as everyone heard about Jesus the world would end
  5. ○ Prologue- Jesus is the pre-existing word
    § Body
    □ Book of signs
    ¨ "Miracles"
    □ Book of glory
    ¨ Death/resurrection
    ○ Epilogue- post-resurrection events
  6. very wealthy political leaders, Cooperated with Romans, Didn't believe in oral law or anything that Pharisees did

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  1. Phariseesvery educated religious leaders, Rabbis, teachers
    ○ Very strict- followed Torah & oral laws
    ○ Beliefs
    - Angels
    - Final judgment
    - Resurrection


  2. Zealotsreligious revolutionaries, Anti- Roman, "sicarrii"- "little daggers", 70 A.D- revolted against the Romans, lost, Jerusalem is destroyed, Masada- 1,000 zealots moved in- Killed themselves


  3. Why Did They Write?i. The original eye witnesses were dying
    ii. To dispel rumors


  4. Markpeter's "son", Paul's co-worker, Barnabbas' cousin


  5. Lukeeagle- ascension


  6. Lukeeagle- ascension


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