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  1. withdrew to the desert, "true Israel", Other Jews are bad, Messiah coming to them 1st, Copied things down and hid them from Romans
  2. i. Parousia- Jesus would be back soon
    ii. They thought as soon as everyone heard about Jesus the world would end
  3. collected, edited, and recorded stories of Jesus
  4. i. The original eye witnesses were dying
    ii. To dispel rumors
  5. very educated religious leaders, Rabbis, teachers
    ○ Very strict- followed Torah & oral laws
    ○ Beliefs
    - Angels
    - Final judgment
    - Resurrection
  6. 1. Father- ben/bar- "son of"
    2. Occupation- the carpenter
    3. Town- Nazarene- first name for the early Christians

    7-4 B.C.-30 A.D.

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  1. Markpeter's "son", Paul's co-worker, Barnabbas' cousin


  2. Zealotsgentile, physician, Paul's co-worker (best writer)
    Audience- non-Jews
    Explains customs
    □ Locates towns
    ¨ Emmaus- 7 miles from Jerusalem
    ¨ Capernaum- by the river
    ¨ Arimathea -


  3. Synoptics- Audience- non-Jews- Explains customs
    □ Preparation day
    □ Passover
    □ Cleanliness
    - Translates words
    □ Abba- father
    □ Golgotha- skull place
    □ Boanerges- sons of thunder
    □ Bartimaeus- son of Timeaus


  4. Matthewpeter's "son", Paul's co-worker, Barnabbas' cousin


  5. Mark○ Prologue- Jesus is the pre-existing word
    § Body
    □ Book of signs
    ¨ "Miracles"
    □ Book of glory
    ¨ Death/resurrection
    ○ Epilogue- post-resurrection events


  6. Lukepeter's "son", Paul's co-worker, Barnabbas' cousin


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