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  1. guise
  2. imperturbable
  3. fatuous
  4. frieze
  5. felicitous
  1. a ornamental band on a wall
  2. b foolishly self-satisfied
  3. c outward appearance; false appearance
  4. d not easily disturbed
  5. e suitable expressed; wee-chose; appropiate

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  1. outgoing; sociable
  2. automatic maintenance by an organism in balance with itself
  3. to handle with a deceptive or evasive strategy; refined in performance
  4. not essencial
  5. very talkative; wordy

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  1. gossamersheer; light and delicate; like cobwebs


  2. imperviousproduced by fire; volcanic


  3. fetterto bind; confine


  4. extemporaneouspoor; having no money


  5. forestallto prevent; delay


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