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  1. gustatory
  2. formidable
  3. guileless
  4. fracas
  5. impecunious
  1. a a loud quarrel; brawl
  2. b poor; having no money
  3. c free of cunning or deceit; artless
  4. d menacing; threatening
  5. e affecting the sense of taste

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  1. to attribute the fault to; relate to a particular cause or source
  2. crevice
  3. outgoing; sociable
  4. relating to exaggerated emotional behavior calculated for effect; theatrical acts or performances
  5. to hinder; block

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  1. flourishen embellishment or ornamentation


  2. frowardstubbornly contrary; obstinately disobedient


  3. explicateto atone for


  4. fluxflowing; a continuous moving


  5. extraneousunrehearsed


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