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  1. grandiloquent
  2. expiate
  3. facilitate
  4. idolatry
  5. factotum
  1. a pompous; bombastic
  2. b to atone for
  3. c a person who does all sorts of work; a handyman
  4. d idol worship; blind or excessive devotion
  5. e to make less difficult

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  1. to complain
  2. homorous
  3. unrehearsed
  4. to incite; arouse
  5. covered with hair

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  1. homogeneousto incite; arouse


  2. fallowplowed but not sowed; uncultivated


  3. gerrymanderto divide an area into voting districts in a way that favors a political party


  4. hieroglyphicscomplicated situation; an entanglement


  5. fracasa painting done on plaster


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