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  1. flux
  2. homily
  3. impassive
  4. fresco
  5. fidelity
  1. a a painting done on plaster
  2. b flowing; a continuous moving
  3. c showing no emotion
  4. d sermon; tedious moralizing lecture
  5. e loyalty; exact correspondence

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  1. to attack loudly; denounce
  2. coarse and uncouth; clumsy
  3. to deny; dispute; oppose
  4. to damage; injure
  5. not easily disturbed

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  1. idolatryidol worship; blind or excessive devotion


  2. immutableto attribute the fault to; relate to a particular cause or source


  3. extraneousunrehearsed


  4. gustatorysheer; light and delicate; like cobwebs


  5. friezeto complain


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