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  1. extemporaneous
  2. fallacious
  3. fetter
  4. guise
  5. extant
  1. a in existence; not lost
  2. b based on a false idea or fact; misleading
  3. c unrehearsed
  4. d outward appearance; false appearance
  5. e to bind; confine

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  1. foolishly self-satisfied
  2. coarse and uncouth; clumsy
  3. impossible to permeate
  4. composed of identical parts; uniform in composition
  5. suitable expressed; wee-chose; appropiate

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  1. forswearrenounce; repudiate


  2. impecuniouspoor; having no money


  3. implausibleinflexible; incable of being pleased or calmed down


  4. flagflowing; a continuous moving


  5. imprecationcomplicated situation; an entanglement


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