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  1. Nitrogen
  2. weather
  3. acid rain
  4. Air Pollution
  5. Decreases
  1. a the condition of the earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place
  2. b As you move up in the troposphere, this happens to the temperature of the air
  3. c Rain that contains more acid than normal
  4. d This term affects people's lungs, eyes, and nose.
  5. e gas that makes up 78% of the atmosphere

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  1. any instrument that measures changes in air pressure
  2. True or False. You can see and smell all air pollution.
  3. instrument used to measure changes in air pressure without using liquid
  4. the outer layer of the thermosphere
  5. a colorful, glowing display in the sky caused when particles from the sun strike oxygen and nitrogen atoms in ithe ionosphere, also called Northern Lights

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  1. FasterDo the molecules in warm air move faster or slower than molecules in cold air?


  2. Less densethe middle layer of the earth's atmosphere: the layer in which most meteroids burn up.


  3. atmosphereThe layer of gas that surrounds the earth.


  4. altitudethe distance above sealevel


  5. TemperatureThe main characteristic scientists use to determine the layers of the atmosphere.


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