World Geography (Ch. 3)

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Which is not one of the four subregions of Europe?


Physically, Europe is best characterized as being a large


Which is not one of the largest European nations in terms of population?


The traditional physical dividing line between Europe and Asia lies maily int he


The population of Europe (as defined in this book) is about _____ that of the United States


Europe essentially defined the

Demographic transition

The country with the highest population growth rate in Europe is


The population replacement level is

The number of births needed to keep the population steady

To reverse population decline and keep the ratio of working-age people to the elderly the same, Europe needs to

Accept millions of new immigrants each year

Which country is the largest destination for migrants to Europe?


The newest ten members of the European Union will initially not have the luxury of ___ that the older members have.

Freedom of movement between member nations

Why is the northern Europe an attractive magnet for immigrants?

They have generous welfare benefits and accept asylum-seekers

Immigrantion can be a drain upon European nations because

They often have large families on welfare, costing the state money instead of generating new tax revenue.

Which is not an island off the coast of Europe?


The British Isles lie roughly as far north as


Europe has a largely temperate climate because of

The North Atlantic Drift

Much of Europe can be described climatically as

Marine West Coast

The Adriatic Sea lies off the coast of which country?


Mt. Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps, lies on the border between _____ and _____.

France; Italy

Coniferous forests cover much of the land area of which area?


Why was the pound (pond) lock an important development?

It made possible the transfport of inland goods to the coats by interconnected waterways.

Which of these cities is not a seaport located on the lower course of a river?


The Danube River empties into the

Black Sea

The first millennium B.C. witnesses a great expansion of ____ and ____ peoples.

Celtic; Greek

Modern day Romance languages evolved from


In which country is a Uralic language not spoken?


Which of the following nations has the largest estimated percentage of Muslins?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

About what percentage of Europeans consider religion to be "very important" in their daily lives?


The global balance of power shifted towards Europe during the

Age of Discovery

Which was not one of the main manifestations of growing European power in the world?

The establishment of European languages and religions around the globe.

Which of these nations was not a majo player in the initial exploration and colonization of the world?


Why was Europe able to acquire so many overseas colonies?

Europe's technological rivals, including China, never ventured beyond their borders.

The increase in production of manufactured goods during the Inductrial Revolution came about initially because of the invention of

The steam engine

European nations lost most of their colonies after

World War ll

An economy largely focused on high technology and service industries is known as

Post industrial

One of the major problems of a deindustrialized economy according to the text is

Not as many people are required to work in the new teachnologies as in the old

Agriculturally, Europe is

Not self sufficient

The three leading European nations in terms of total fish catch are located

Adjacent to the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea

After World War ll, Russia and many Eastern European countries entered into a treaty known as the

Warsaw Pact

Which of these countries is currently applying to join the European Union?


The desire of Europeans for their continent to be "war proof" was the main reason behind the creation of the

European Union

The country with the highest GDP-PPP in the world is


Why will the ten newest member of the EU not receive the same level of agricultural subsidies as the older members?

The older members fear subsidizing the argiucltural production of the new members will bankrupt and the new members are using older teachnologies without the same quality controls and high production costs the older members face.

According to the text, the watershed event that began to make Europeans feels more secure was when

The Berline Wall fell

In terms of area, the average European country is about the size of


The Transylvanian Alps form the boundary between Romania and Bulgaria.


FThe Strait of Gibraltar seperates Gibraltar from Spain.


Belguim's two main languages are French and Dutch, known locally as Walloon and Flemish.


Of the European countries without Muslim majorities, France has the largest percentage of Muslim residents.


The Schengen Agreement allows for free circulation of people among 15 European nations, and is a sperate supranational organization from the EU.


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