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  1. hypotension
  2. hyperactive
  3. hypertrophy
  4. hyperopia
  5. hypertension
  1. a low blood pressure
  2. b farsightedness
  3. c overactive
  4. d abnormally high blood pressure
  5. e excessive growth or development, as of a body part

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  1. injected under the skin
  2. extravagant exaggeration of statement
  3. marked by excessive activity of the thyroid gland
  4. overcritical
  5. subnormal body temperature

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  1. hypothyroidmarked by excessive activity of the thyroid gland


  2. hypotheticalsubnormal body temperature


  3. hyperthermiasubnormal body temperature


  4. hyperglycemiaabnormally low level of sugar in the blood


  5. hypothesistheory or superstition assumed as a basis for reasoning (something "placed under")


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