13 Colonies- People & Places

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Massachusetts Bay

Founded by Pilgrams
Purpose- seek religous freedom

Rhode Island

Founded by Roger Williams
Purpose- compensate Indiams for the land and religous freedom


Founded by Thomas Hooker
Establishes the Fundeamental Orders to govern the city

New Hampshire

Founded by John Wheelwright
The settlers sign the Exeter Compact patterned after the Mayflower Compact


Founded by the Calvert Family
Purpose- serve as a haven for Catholics

North & South Carolina

Founded by a group of supporters
Supposedly a orderly society based on Fundamental Constitution. But plan never went to effect because the settlers were more interested in rice farming.


Founded by James Ogletrope
Purpose- Pay of debts and serves as a military zone


Founded by Willam Penn
Purpose- religous toleration, civil liberties and social, gender equality.


Founded by Dutch
First settlement attempted

New York

Founded by Peter Minuit
for finacial wealth and help make up the diverse society

New Jersey

Founded by Sir George Carteret


the group that tried to purify the worship services at the Church of England


the group that broke away from the Church of England


French Protestants


First successful settlement

John Smith

Leader of Jamestown

John Rolfe

married Pocahontas and discovered tobacco which made lots of money


married John Rolfe. Marriage led to peace with Native Americans


the settlement founded by Pilgrams

John Wintrop

led Puritans to Massachusett Bay

Roger Williams

founder of Rhode Island

Anne Hutcherson

forced to leave Puritans because of her beliefs

Thomas Hooker

founder of Connecticut and led unhappy Puritans to Massachusetts Bay

Lord Baltimore

led a group of percecuted Catholics to Maryland

James Oglethrope

founder of Georgia

New Amsterdam

originally owned by the Dutch but English took it. Now known as New York

William Penn

founder of Pennsylavinia


a member of religous group that settled in Pennsylavania and was opposed to war

Father Marquette and Louis Jliet

explored the Ohio and Mississippi river in search of the Northwest Passage

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