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  1. neoplasm
  2. somatoplasm
  3. carcinogenic
  4. sarcoma
  5. karyocyte
  1. a new growth (of abnormal tissue or tumor)
  2. b tumor of connective tissue (such as bone or cartilage) (highly malignant)
  3. c body substance
  4. d producing cancer
  5. e cell with a nucleus

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  1. pertaining to a (body) system (or the body as a whole)
  2. black tumor (primarily of the skin)
  3. metastasis
  4. pertaining to a disease of unknown origin
  5. cancerous

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  1. lipoidtumor composed of fat.


  2. hyperplasiaincomplete development (of an organ or tissues)


  3. pathologystudy of medicine


  4. encapsulatednew disease


  5. oncologistcausing tumors


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