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  1. leukocyte
  2. WBC
  3. lipoma
  4. rhabdomyosarcoma
  5. melanocarcinoma
  1. a malignant tumor of striated muscle
  2. b white (blood) cell
  3. c white blood cell
  4. d cancerous black tumor (malignant)
  5. e tumor composed of fat.

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  1. excessive growth of cells from a body part.
  2. incomplete development (of an organ or tissues)
  3. malignant tumor of fat.
  4. tumor composed of smooth muscle (benign)
  5. increase in the number of white (blood) cells.

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  1. adenomatumor composed of glandular tissue


  2. melanomablack tumor (primarily of the skin)


  3. myomatumor composed of muscle (benign)


  4. Caprognosis


  5. karyocytecell with a nucleus


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