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  1. epithelial
  2. adenocarcinoma
  3. hyperplasia
  4. myopathy
  5. rhabdomyoma
  1. a cancerous tumor of glandular tissue.
  2. b disease of the muscle
  3. c pertaining to epithelium
  4. d tumor composed of striated muscle (benign)
  5. e excessive development (number of cells)

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  1. tumor composed of glandular tissue
  2. tumor composed of epithelium (may be benign or malignant)
  3. within the living body
  4. resembling a cell
  5. resembling an organ

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  1. liposarcomamalignant tumor of fat.


  2. oncologista physician who studies and treats tumors


  3. leiomyomatumor composed of muscle (benign)


  4. fibrosarcomatumor composed of fiber (fibrous tissue) (benign)


  5. somaticpertaining to an organ


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