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  1. Px
  2. cytology
  3. liposarcoma
  4. myopathy
  5. rhabdomyoma
  1. a tumor composed of striated muscle (benign)
  2. b prognosis
  3. c disease of the muscle
  4. d study of cells
  5. e malignant tumor of fat.

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  1. treatment of cancer with a radioactive substance, X-ray, or radiation
  2. cancer in the early stage before invading the surrounding tissue
  3. resembling an organ
  4. disease of the body
  5. pertaining to a disease of unknown origin

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  1. cancerousabnormal condition of blue (bluish discoloration of the skin caused by inadequate supply of oxygen in the blood)


  2. oncologista physician who studies and treats tumors


  3. leukocytosisincrease in the number of red (blood) cell


  4. Dxdiagnosis


  5. erythrocytosisstate of before knowledge (prediction of the outcome of disease)


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