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  1. WBC
  2. myoma
  3. in vivo
  4. Ca
  5. neopathy
  1. a within the living body
  2. b new disease
  3. c white blood cell
  4. d carcinoma
  5. e tumor composed of muscle (benign)

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  1. malignant tumor of striated muscle
  2. tumor of connective tissue (such as bone or cartilage) (highly malignant)
  3. excessive development (number of cells)
  4. new growth (of abnormal tissue or tumor)
  5. malignant tumor of fat.

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  1. xanthosisabnormal condition of yellow (discoloration)


  2. cancerouspertaining to cancer


  3. adenocarcinomacancerous tumor (malignant)


  4. xanthochromicpertaining to yellow color


  5. carcinoma in situcancer in the early stage before invading the surrounding tissue


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