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  1. etiology
  2. metastasis
  3. neoplasm
  4. leukocyte
  5. remission
  1. a new growth (of abnormal tissue or tumor)
  2. b white (blood) cell
  3. c study of causes (of diseases)
  4. d beyond control (spread of disease from one organ to another, as in the transfer of malignant tumors.)
  5. e improvement or absence of signs of disease

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  1. the study of tumors (a branch of medicine concerned with the study of malignant tumors)
  2. state of before knowledge (prediction of the outcome of disease)
  3. malignant tumor of fat.
  4. black tumor (primarily of the skin)
  5. producing cancer

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  1. sarcomatumor of connective tissue (such as bone or cartilage) (highly malignant)


  2. neopathynew disease


  3. epitheliomatumor composed of epithelium (may be benign or malignant)


  4. systemicpertaining to a (body) system (or the body as a whole)


  5. adenomatumor composed of fat.


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