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  1. Px
  2. organic
  3. Benign
  4. adenoma
  5. Dx
  1. a noncancerous
  2. b diagnosis
  3. c prognosis
  4. d pertaining to an organ
  5. e tumor composed of glandular tissue

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  1. increase in the severity of a disease or its symptoms
  2. within a glass, observable within a test tube
  3. response to injury or destruction of tissue characterized by redness, swelling, heat, and pain
  4. resembling fat
  5. causing tumors

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  1. neoplasmnew disease


  2. myopathytumor composed of muscle (benign)


  3. somatopathydisease of the body


  4. neopathydisease of the muscle


  5. hypoplasiaexcessive development (number of cells)


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