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  1. Benign
  2. WBC
  3. Px
  4. in vivo
  5. carcinoma in situ
  1. a within the living body
  2. b prognosis
  3. c noncancerous
  4. d white blood cell
  5. e cancer in the early stage before invading the surrounding tissue

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  1. causing tumors
  2. resembling a nerve
  3. improvement or absence of signs of disease
  4. tumor of green color (malignant, arising from myeloid tissue)
  5. pertaining to the internal organs

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  1. iatrogenicproduced by a physician (the unexpected results from a treatment prescribed by a physician.)


  2. leukocytewhite (blood) cell


  3. oncologista physician who studies and treats tumors


  4. Oncologythe study of tumors (a branch of medicine concerned with the study of malignant tumors)


  5. somatopathydisease of the body


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