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  1. Benign
  2. Malignant
  3. prognosis
  4. adenocarcinoma
  5. iatrogenic
  1. a noncancerous
  2. b produced by a physician (the unexpected results from a treatment prescribed by a physician.)
  3. c cancerous
  4. d state of before knowledge (prediction of the outcome of disease)
  5. e cancerous tumor of glandular tissue.

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  1. increase in the number of white (blood) cells.
  2. originating in the body (organic as opposed to psychologic)
  3. pertaining to cancer
  4. cell with a nucleus
  5. producing disease

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  1. leiomyosarcomatumor composed of smooth muscle (benign)


  2. pathologystudy of cells


  3. carcinoma in situcancer in the early stage before invading the surrounding tissue


  4. epitheliomatumor composed of epithelium (may be benign or malignant)


  5. radiation therapytreatment of cancer with a radioactive substance, X-ray, or radiation


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