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  1. Px
  2. carcinoma in situ
  3. Oncology
  4. in vivo
  5. mets
  1. a metastasis
  2. b cancer in the early stage before invading the surrounding tissue
  3. c prognosis
  4. d the study of tumors (a branch of medicine concerned with the study of malignant tumors)
  5. e within the living body

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  1. beyond control (spread of disease from one organ to another, as in the transfer of malignant tumors.)
  2. a physician who studies and treats tumors
  3. white blood cell
  4. increase in the number of red (blood) cell
  5. malignant tumor of smooth muscle.

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  1. Malignantcancerous


  2. organoidpertaining to an organ


  3. adenocarcinomacancerous tumor of glandular tissue.


  4. visceralpertaining to the internal organs


  5. pathogenicproduced by a physician (the unexpected results from a treatment prescribed by a physician.)


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