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  1. iatrology
  2. encapsulated
  3. adenoma
  4. cytology
  5. carcinoma
  1. a tumor composed of glandular tissue
  2. b enclosed in a capsule, as with benign tumors
  3. c cancerous tumor (malignant)
  4. d study of cells
  5. e study of medicine

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  1. produced by a physician (the unexpected results from a treatment prescribed by a physician.)
  2. treatment of cancer with a radioactive substance, X-ray, or radiation
  3. substance that causes cancer
  4. noncancerous
  5. pertaining to an organ

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  1. lipoidtumor composed of fat.


  2. Malignanttumor of connective tissue (such as bone or cartilage) (highly malignant)


  3. XRTcarcinoma


  4. cytoplasmstudy of cells


  5. organoidpertaining to an organ


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