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  1. disentangle
  2. auspicious
  3. abscond
  4. pilant
  5. intrepid
  1. a bending readily, easily influenced
  2. b favorable, fortunate
  3. c to free from tangles or complications
  4. d very brave, fearless, unshakable
  5. e to run off and hide

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  1. not having life, without energy or spirit
  2. hard to do, requiring much effort
  3. a lack of government and law, confusion
  4. to overcome with fear, intimidate, to dishearten, discourage
  5. to make right, correct

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  1. fateddetermined in advance by destiny or fortune


  2. revileto attack with words, call bad names


  3. accessapproach or admittance to places, persons, things, an increase, to get at, obtain


  4. reprievea temporary relief or delay, to grant a postponement


  5. larcenytheft


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