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  1. James K. Polk
  2. Caroline and Creole Affairs
  3. Spot Resolutions 1846
  4. Aroostock War 1838
  5. John C. Fremont
  1. a A war between lumberjacks from the U.S. and Canada over disputed territory between Maine and New Brunswick.
  2. b In 1837, the American ship Caroline was attacked on the New York shore by British force. In 1841, British officials in the Bahamas offered asylum to 130 Virginia slaves who captured the American ship Creole. The two affairs created alot of tension between the U.S. and Englnad.
  3. c Abraham Licoin asked Polk to name the Precise "spot" on American soil where American blood had allegedlly been shed. This resolution came after Polk demanded war against Mexico because American blood had been shed. American blood had been shed on the disputed territory, not on American soil.
  4. d He was a democratic president from Tennesee who was very dedicated to his work, During his presidency, he lowered tariffs, re-established the independent Treasury, and obtained Oregon and California.
  5. e He was in California in 1846 with 62 sharpshooters. he overthrew the Mexican government and raised the California flag to proclaim the new California Republic.

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  1. A belief that the U.S. was the most perfect country in the world and that God wanted the U.S. to continue expanding. By doing so, less fortunate people in the western hemisphere could enjoy the blessing of a democratic institiution.
  2. James Gadsden was a South Carolinia railroad man who was appointed by the minister to Mexico. He was told to buy land South of the Arizona teritory from Mexico because it was the best site for the Southern Transcontinental Railroad. The U.S. government bought the land for $10 miliion.
  3. In 1823 he followed his father's plans to settle Texas. A few hundred settlers came to Texas with Austin. They bought their land for 12 1/2 cents per acre.
  4. He started the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His followers were greatly persecuted and he died a martyr in Carthage Illinois in 1844.
  5. General Zachary Taylor led 5,000 men against Santa Anna's 20,000 during the Battle of Buena Visita. He and his troops repelled Santa Anna's attacks and became a military hero. This later bolstered his political carrer and helped him become president.

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  1. Wilmot Proviso 1846A statement by Dacid Wilmot that said that slavery should not exsist in any part of the territories received from Mexico. It soon came to symbolized the burning issue of slavery between the North and the South.


  2. Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo 1848Was signed by Nicholas Trist, ended the Mexican War and confirmed the American title to Texas. It also gave the U.S. land from Mexico to Oregeon for $15 miliion and required the U.S. government to assume all claims against Mexico.


  3. Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842Lord Ashburton from England and Daniel Webster from the U.S. negotiated the border between Maine and Canada in 1842. This treaty gave the U.S. 7/12 of the disputed land and defined the boundries between Lake Superior and Maine.


  4. Thomas H. BentonA four-time senator from missouri and headed the military commitee before the Mexican War. His nickname was "Mr. Manifest Destiny" because he strongly advocated American expansion.


  5. Nicholas TristThe U.S. and Mexico disputed over the southern boundry of Texas. The U.S. said that the Rio Grande River was the legitimate border, while Mexico argued that the Nueces River was the southern border of Texas. The Nueces River had always been the Texan border, but by demanding the Rio Grande as the border, Texas recieved more land from Mexico.


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