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  1. Stephen Kearny
  2. Horace Greenley
  3. San Jacinto 1836
  4. Lone Star Republic
  5. Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842
  1. a He left from Kansas with 1,700 men to capture California. On the way he captured Santa Fe and met with John C. Fremont's scout, who told him that Fremont had already captured California.
  2. b Lord Ashburton from England and Daniel Webster from the U.S. negotiated the border between Maine and Canada in 1842. This treaty gave the U.S. 7/12 of the disputed land and defined the boundries between Lake Superior and Maine.
  3. c The last battle of the Texas War for Independence. The Texas army continually retreated during the war so they could train their soilders. The Mexican army soon became overconfident and suffered a sound defeat when the Texan army attacked.
  4. d Te editior of the New York Tribune who said "Go West Young Man, Go West." The quote symbolized Manifest Destiny
  5. e The independent counrty of Texas between 1836 and1845. Independence was declared by Texas and a war of independence with Mexico soon followed. Was annexed by the U.S. in 1845.

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  1. He was a democratic president from Tennesee who was very dedicated to his work, During his presidency, he lowered tariffs, re-established the independent Treasury, and obtained Oregon and California.
  2. James Gadsden was a South Carolinia railroad man who was appointed by the minister to Mexico. He was told to buy land South of the Arizona teritory from Mexico because it was the best site for the Southern Transcontinental Railroad. The U.S. government bought the land for $10 miliion.
  3. A statement by Dacid Wilmot that said that slavery should not exsist in any part of the territories received from Mexico. It soon came to symbolized the burning issue of slavery between the North and the South.
  4. A belief that the U.S. was the most perfect country in the world and that God wanted the U.S. to continue expanding. By doing so, less fortunate people in the western hemisphere could enjoy the blessing of a democratic institiution.
  5. A Mexican system that offered large and inexpensive land grants to empresarios (leaders of large bands of settlers) for importing hundreds of families to Texas. By 1830, there were 20,000 Americans, 5,000 slaves, and 4,000 Mexicans living in Texas.

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  1. Thomas H. BentonHe represented Texas in the U.S. Senate and later became the govenor of Texas. He also led the Texan army yo victory at San Jacinto.


  2. Joseph SmithHe started the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His followers were greatly persecuted and he died a martyr in Carthage Illinois in 1844.


  3. Nueces RiverHe was the chief clerk of the State Department, who sent to arrange an armistice with Santa Anna. He wrote and signed the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.


  4. Mexican War 1846Polk sent General taylor and the army to the disputed Texan territory. Talyor waited for a Mexican offensive but he had to provoke Santa Anna to have a battle. This Mexican offensive justified Polks declaration of war against Mexico. The U.S. thoroughly defeated the Mexican armies and was greatly rewarded at the peace treaty at Guadalupe-Hidalgo.


  5. Antonio Lopez Santa AnnaPresident of Mexico during the Texas War for Independence and the Mexican War. After both of these wars, he ceded the northern provinces of Mexico and Texas to the U.S.


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