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  1. Brigham Young
  2. James K. Polk
  3. Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842
  4. Caroline and Creole Affairs
  5. Nueces River
  1. a He was a democratic president from Tennesee who was very dedicated to his work, During his presidency, he lowered tariffs, re-established the independent Treasury, and obtained Oregon and California.
  2. b He became the Mormon leader after Joseph Smith was killed. He led a mass migration of 17,000 people across the Great Plains and settled in what is today, Salt Lake City, Utah. He established towns throughout Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. Brigham Young University (BYU) is named after Young.
  3. c The U.S. and Mexico disputed over the southern boundry of Texas. The U.S. said that the Rio Grande River was the legitimate border, while Mexico argued that the Nueces River was the southern border of Texas. The Nueces River had always been the Texan border, but by demanding the Rio Grande as the border, Texas recieved more land from Mexico.
  4. d Lord Ashburton from England and Daniel Webster from the U.S. negotiated the border between Maine and Canada in 1842. This treaty gave the U.S. 7/12 of the disputed land and defined the boundries between Lake Superior and Maine.
  5. e In 1837, the American ship Caroline was attacked on the New York shore by British force. In 1841, British officials in the Bahamas offered asylum to 130 Virginia slaves who captured the American ship Creole. The two affairs created alot of tension between the U.S. and Englnad.

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  1. He represented Texas in the U.S. Senate and later became the govenor of Texas. He also led the Texan army yo victory at San Jacinto.
  2. The independent counrty of Texas between 1836 and1845. Independence was declared by Texas and a war of independence with Mexico soon followed. Was annexed by the U.S. in 1845.
  3. General Zachary Taylor led 5,000 men against Santa Anna's 20,000 during the Battle of Buena Visita. He and his troops repelled Santa Anna's attacks and became a military hero. This later bolstered his political carrer and helped him become president.
  4. Abraham Licoin asked Polk to name the Precise "spot" on American soil where American blood had allegedlly been shed. This resolution came after Polk demanded war against Mexico because American blood had been shed. American blood had been shed on the disputed territory, not on American soil.
  5. A war between lumberjacks from the U.S. and Canada over disputed territory between Maine and New Brunswick.

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  1. Stephen AustinHe left from Kansas with 1,700 men to capture California. On the way he captured Santa Fe and met with John C. Fremont's scout, who told him that Fremont had already captured California.


  2. Horace GreenleyTe editior of the New York Tribune who said "Go West Young Man, Go West." The quote symbolized Manifest Destiny


  3. Mexican War 1846Reffered to a large amount of land given to the U.S. after the Mexican War. This land included present-day Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and California.


  4. Slidell Mission 1845John Slidell was sent by President Polk to buy California from Mexico. The Mexican government did not recieve Slidell because of Strong anti-American sentiment.


  5. Alamo 1835A church located in San Antonio, was the site of a battle between the Mexican and Texan armies. WilliamTravis and 182 Americans were slaughtered by Santa Anna's men. "Remember the Alamo" helped spur the Texan armies to fight the Mexicans.


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