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  1. mechanical energy
  2. forces
  3. coal
  4. net force
  5. Acceleration
  1. a The combination of all forces acting on an object is called the ________ ________.
  2. b Power plants generally use the chemical energy stored in ________to heat water in huge boilers.
  3. c ________ occurs when an object is speeding up, slowing down, or changing direction.
  4. d The main purpose of a washing machine is to transform electrical energy into ________ ________.
  5. e Pushes and pulls are ________.

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  1. Uses the energy of moving water.
  2. Uses thermal energy found inside the Earth.
  3. ________ is simply moving air.

  4. What type of energy transformation is happening in the picture above?
  5. ________ energy comes from inside the Earth.

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  1. energyIn power plants water is boiled and turned into ________.


  2. is coming back
    The motion graph above shows that the car...


  3. biomass________ can also change the shape of an object.


  4. at rest
    In the motion graph above which runner won the race?


  5. is traveling at a constant speed
    The motion graph above shows that the car...


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