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  1. Light
  2. forms
  3. forces
  4. net force
  5. subtract
  1. a The combination of all forces acting on an object is called the ________ ________.
  2. b Energy comes in many different ________.
  3. c To find the net force when forces are pushing or pulling in opposite directions simply ________ the smaller force from the larger force.
  4. d ________ energy interacts with matter by being transmitted, absorbed, or reflected.
  5. e Pushes and pulls are ________.

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  1. ________ ________ is energy of matter caused by its position or its motion.
  2. Removing ________ ________ from steam can cause a gas to change into a liquid.

  3. What type of energy transformation is happening in the picture above?
  4. The ________ ________ is the combination of all forces acting on an object.
  5. Power plants generally use the chemical energy stored in ________to heat water in huge boilers.

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  1. forceEnergy comes in many different ________.


  2. chemicalWhich term does not belong to the group:
    solar, renewable, coal, wind


  3. Sun
    What is the net force in the picture above?


  4. Charlie
    In the motion graph above which runner lost the race?


  5. Thermometers________ are important tools used to measure changes in an object's thermal energy.


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