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  1. particles
  2. nonrenewable
  3. energy
  4. N
  5. forces
  1. a What is the abbreviation for Newtons?
  2. b When a race is run ________ is involved.
  3. c Pushes and pulls are ________.
  4. d Which term does not belong to the group:
    renewable, nonrenewable, geothermal, solar
  5. e Thermal energy is the energy of moving ________.

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  1. ________ energy interacts with matter by being transmitted, absorbed, or reflected.
  2. Force can be measured in a unit called ________.
  3. Today when we burn coal, oil, or natural gas we release energy that came from the ________ but has been stored inside the Earth for millions of years.

  4. The motion graph above shows that the car...

  5. What is the net force in the picture above?

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  1. energy________ is an object's tendency to resist a change in motion.


  2. CharlieA word that means the same as transformation is...


  3. Mechanical energyPower plants add ________ ________ to water to cause a liquid to change into a gas.


  4. HydropowerA ________ is a push or a pull in a specific direction.


  5. energy
    In the motion graph above which runner won the race?


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