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  1. is stopped
  2. Mechanical energy
  3. plants, animals
  4. balanced
  5. chemical
  1. a Fossil fuels formed from the buried remains of ________ and ________ that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.
  2. b Released slowly through the digestion of food, ________ energy powers all living things.
  3. c ________ ________ is the energy that matter has because of its motion or its position.
  4. d
    Are the forces pushing on this box balanced, unbalanced, or combined?
  5. e
    The motion graph above shows that the car...

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  1. What is the net force in the picture above?

  2. What type of energy is in the picture above?
  3. It is better to measure weight with a ________ ________ and mass with a balance.

  4. In the motion graph above which runner stopped to take a rest?
  5. The faster an object moves, the ________ an object becomes, and the more thermal energy it possesses.

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  1. forceOur ________ also use mechanical energy to do work such as moving tables or throwing balls across the gym.


  2. unbalancedWhen the net force is zero, the forces are ________.


  3. EnergyWhat is the abbreviation for Newtons?


  4. Albert________ energy interacts with matter by being transmitted, absorbed, or reflected.


  5. particles________ use mechanical energy to do work.


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