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  1. Dudar que
  2. Estar seguro que
  3. No estar de acuerdo que
  4. Es una pena que
  5. Es importante que
  1. a It is important that. Subjunctive
  2. b It is bad that. Subjunctive
  3. c It is sure that. Not sub
  4. d It is not agreed that. Shbjuncitve
  5. e To doubt that. Subjunctice

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  1. To want. Subjunctive
  2. It is evident that. Not sub
  3. To love that. Subjunctive
  4. To feel that. Subjunctive
  5. To be afraid. Subjunctive

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  1. Es mejor queIt is better that. Subjunctive


  2. Es dificil queIt is easy that. Subjunctive


  3. No estar sequro queIt is not sure that. Subjunctive


  4. Recomendar queTo command. Subjunctive


  5. Es cierto queIt is good that. Subjunctive


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