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  1. Eatat emocionado que
  2. Es imprescindible que
  3. Es facil que
  4. Es claro que
  5. Ni dudar que
  1. a To be excited. Subjunctive
  2. b It is easy that. Subjunctive
  3. c It is imperative that. Subjunctive
  4. d It is clear that. Not sub
  5. e Inks not doubted that. Not sub

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  1. It is evident that. Not sub
  2. It is not true that. Subjunctive
  3. To think that. Not sub
  4. To want. Subjunctive
  5. It is impossible that. Subjunctive

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  1. Creer queIt is thought that. Not sub


  2. Tener celos de queTo be jealous. Subjunctive


  3. No hay duda queThere is no doubt. Not sub


  4. Sugerir queTo want. Subjunctive


  5. DesearTo desire. Subjunctive


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