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  1. Es versad que
  2. Es necesario que
  3. Creer que
  4. No hay duda que
  5. Aconsejar que
  1. a To advise that. Subjunctive
  2. b It is necessary that. Subjunctive
  3. c There is no doubt. Not sub
  4. d It is thought that. Not sub
  5. e It is true that. Not sub

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  1. Inks not doubted that. Not sub
  2. It is a shame that. Subjunctive
  3. It is bad that. Subjunctive
  4. It is possible that. Subjunctive
  5. It is not agreed that. Shbjuncitve

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  1. Es mejor queIt is better that. Subjunctive


  2. Es evidente queIt is true that. Not sub


  3. Gustar queTo doubt that. Subjunctice


  4. No es verdad queIt is true that. Not sub


  5. Es dificil queIt is difficult that. Subjunctive


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