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  1. Mandar que
  2. No es cierto que
  3. Es cierto que
  4. No negar que
  5. Es imposible que
  1. a It is impossible that. Subjunctive
  2. b To command. Subjunctive
  3. c It is not true that. Subjunctive
  4. d It is true that. Not sub
  5. e It is not denied that. Not sub

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  1. It is doubtful that. Subjunctive
  2. It is better that. Subjunctive
  3. It is true that. Not sub
  4. To be surprised. Subjunctive
  5. It is bad that. Subjunctive

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  1. Recomendar queTo command. Subjunctive


  2. No estar de acuerdo queIt is not sure that. Subjunctive


  3. Es necesario queIt is clear that. Not sub


  4. Eatat emocionado queTo be excited. Subjunctive


  5. Esperar queTo think. Sunjunctive


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