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  1. Es logici que
  2. Es burno que
  3. Gustar que
  4. Alegrarse de que
  5. Es triste que
  1. a It is logical that. Not sub
  2. b To be happy. Subjunctive
  3. c To like that. Subjunctive
  4. d It is sad that. Subjunctive
  5. e It is good that. Subjunctive

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  1. It is not agreed that. Shbjuncitve
  2. It is imperative that. Subjunctive
  3. To be mad. Subjunctive
  4. To be excited. Subjunctive
  5. It is evident that. Not sub

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  1. Progibir queTo prohibit. Subjunctive


  2. Pensar queTo feel that. Subjunctive


  3. DesearTo like that. Subjunctive


  4. Es versad queIt is not true that. Subjunctive


  5. Ni dudar queInks not doubted that. Not sub


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