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  1. sentio, sentire, sentivi, sentitus
  2. scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptus
  3. rego, regere, rexi, rectus
  4. sto, stare, steti, status
  5. porto, portare, portavi, portatus
  1. a to stand
  2. b to carry
  3. c to rule
  4. d to feel
  5. e to write

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  1. to follow
  2. to fight
  3. to hold back
  4. to prepare
  5. to set free, to pay

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  1. teneo, tenere, tenui, tentusto touch, to strike; influence


  2. refero, referre, retuli, relatusto rule


  3. premo, premere, pressi, pressusto press down on


  4. moveo, movere, movi, motusto move


  5. nolo, nolle, noluito not wish


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