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  1. the middle number
  2. A method of plotting a set of numbers by placing a mark above a number on a number line each time it occurs in the set
  3. the product when a whole number is multiplied by itself
  4. a rectangle having all four sides of equal length.
  5. A method of displaying data this involves using pictures to represent the data being counted
  6. A fraction whose denominator of 100 is expressed as a percent sign (%)

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  1. baseThe number of square units needed to cover a surface


  2. circle graphA circle graph is made of a circle divided into sectors ( A method of displaying data)


  3. modethe number that appears the most


  4. decimal placesplaces to the right of a decimal point


  5. square rootOne of two equal factors of a number


  6. data pointsindividual measurements or numbers in a set of data


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