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  1. delta
  2. aerial photograph
  3. gravity
  4. tributary
  5. abrasion
  1. a
    low, flat piece of land at or near the mouth of a river
  2. b grinding away rock by rock or other sand particles
  3. c
    a photograph taken from the air from a plane or satellite used to track changes in landforms.
  4. d
    the force that pulls things towards Earth, It makes water run downhill.
  5. e
    river or stream that flows into another stream or river and does not reach the ocean

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  1. long depression in Earth's surface that usually contains a river.

  2. looping changes of direction in a river or stream.

  3. a physical map that uses pictures to show the topography of the land

  4. a 3 dimentional representation of something; a globe is a ___________ of the Earth

  5. clearing the land by cutting down trees is the biggest way humans increase erosion

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  1. erosionmoves sediments


  2. computer model
    a 3 dimentional representation of something on a computer; you can move the image around and look at it from different sides or perspectives


  3. weatheringbreaking down rock through chemical or physical processes


  4. reservoir
    a man- made lake that forms upstream from a dam


  5. sediments
    small pieces of rock, sand , or soil


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