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  1. meanders
  2. delta
  3. floodplain
  4. water
  5. canyon
  1. a
    looping changes of direction in a river or stream.
  2. b
    low, flat piece of land at or near the mouth of a river
  3. c the most powerful agent of weathering and erosion
  4. d
    flat land near a river formed by deposition during a flood
  5. e
    deep narrow valleys with steep sides

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  1. a 3 dimentional representation of something; a globe is a ___________ of the Earth

  2. Changes rock to something new
  3. grinding away rock by rock or other sand particles

  4. a physical map that uses pictures to show the topography of the land

  5. long depression in Earth's surface that usually contains a river.

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  1. erosionmoves sediments


  2. sediments
    small pieces of rock, sand , or soil


  3. depositionadds sediments to a new place


  4. deforestation
    clearing the land by cutting down trees is the biggest way humans increase erosion


  5. tributary
    the force that pulls things towards Earth, It makes water run downhill.


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