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  1. Picasso-Rose Period,1905
  2. Analytic Cubism Braque,1911
  3. Picasso "return to order",1921
  4. Iberian period/African masks/ primitivism-Picasso,1906
  5. Picasso-Surrealist Period, 1930
  1. a Family of Saltimbanques,
  2. b The Portugese
  3. c Three Women at the Spring
  4. d Seated Bather o/c
  5. e Two Nudes,o/c

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  1. Guernica,o/c
  2. Evocation-The Burial of Casagemas, oil on wood
  3. Gertrude Stein,
  4. Houses at L'Estaque, o/c,
  5. Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

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  1. Picasso-Blue Period,1903Poor People on the Seashore (Tragedy), o/wood,


  2. Picasso after WWI, Cubism, 1921Three Women, o/c


  3. Picasso-Blue Period,1903Evocation-The Burial of Casagemas, oil on wood


  4. Picasso-Rose Period,1905Boy Leading a Horse, o/c


  5. Picasso-Cubism, 1908-9Three Women, o/c


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