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  1. basalt, is it extrusive or intrusive?
  2. granite, how did it cool?
  3. what fossil preserves the entire animal in amber,ice,ash, or tar?
  4. what type of fossil is dented in?
  5. scoria and pumice, how did it cool?
  1. a extrusive
  2. b slowly
  3. c when lava had air and gas bubbles in it
  4. d intact
  5. e mold

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  1. large crystals
  2. coal
  3. extrusive
  4. quartzite
  5. small crystals

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  1. what rock does limestone turn into?marble


  2. granite, is it extrusive or intrusive?intrusive


  3. obsidian, how did it cool?very quickly


  4. what rock is made of sand?sandstone


  5. what type of fossil turns to stone slowly?petrified


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