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  1. John Calvin
  2. High Ren
  3. Counter Reformation
  4. Sir Thomas More
  5. Anglican Church
  1. a Work with Henry VII, Utopia, he was beheaded.
  2. b Pope Paul II, church reform, Council reform, council of Trent
  3. c 1475-1550
  4. d Reforms to church, protestantism, puritanism, basis for concept of capitalism.
  5. e Henry VII. 1530's, England separates.

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  1. Protestant Reformation,
  2. 1400-1600. Started in Florence, Italy. It means rebirth. Period of intellectual freedom. Middle class emerges inventing of printing press.
  3. 1304-1374 Father of Renaissance, writer, early humanist
  4. 1550-1625
  5. Painter, architect

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  1. MachiavelliPainter, architect


  2. Henry VIII1509-1547 Married several times. Created a new religion so he could divorce his old wife and marry someone else.


  3. Medici FamilyBanking, politics, patrons, platonic academy


  4. MichelangeloPainter, sculptor, architect, engineer, etc.


  5. CopernicusEnd of Hundred years war, Ottoman empire takes Constantinople, Tudor dynasty in England.


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