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  1. Charles V
  2. Early Ren
  3. Counter Reformation
  4. Titian
  5. Humanism
  1. a 1400-1475
  2. b Pope Paul II, church reform, Council reform, council of Trent
  3. c Free thought, free action, naturalism.
  4. d Painter, from Italy, very wealthy
  5. e 1519-1556. Powerful, Spain, Holy Roman Empire, Netherlands.

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  1. 1509-1547 Married several times. Created a new religion so he could divorce his old wife and marry someone else.
  2. 1304-1374 Father of Renaissance, writer, early humanist
  3. Helliocentrism, on the revolutions of the celestial spheres. Everything revolves around the sun.
  4. 1513. Wrote The Prince, writer, politician
  5. 1450. Printing press, moveable type, sped up the process,

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  1. High Ren1400-1475


  2. John Calvin1475-1550


  3. PoliticsPainter, from Italy, very wealthy


  4. Elizabeth I1304-1374 Father of Renaissance, writer, early humanist


  5. High renaissance1550-1625


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