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  1. T
  2. Olivier Messiaen
  3. Ralph Peer
  1. a T or F: Robert Johnson reportedly made a deal with the devil to emerge as such a great singer, guitarist, and songwriter.
  2. b the French composer, ornithologist, and teacher, was a prisoner in a German WWII prison camp
  3. c Fiddlin' John Carson was recorded by talent scout ______ _________, launching the country music record industry.

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  1. is a popular, long-running radio show on KFFA in Helena, AR. It once featured Sonny Boy Williamson and Robert Junior Lockwood.
  2. who comments in the films is a blind bluegrass musician from Deep Gap, NC
  3. was found dead in the back of his Cadillac convertible on Jan 1. 1953, after living the hard life he wrote about so well in song.
  4. is considered the first lady of country music, paving the way for other women in country music.
  5. T or F: Pinetop Smith played a rollicking guitar style called boogie-woogie.

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  1. 12-tone techniqueAlban berg's compositional style is referred to as ______________, a pre-ordering of the various elements of music


  2. Ernest Tubbwas a baritone singer/songwriter in the honky-tonk style with his Walkin' the Floor Over You.


  3. TT or F: Duke Ellington, a towering figure in 20th century music, was a pianist, composer, arranger, and employed many of the same musicians in his band for decades.


  4. Mississippi Deltais called the cradle of the blues


  5. TT or F: Louis Armstrong had popular appeal, though he contributed little to the actual development of jazz.


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