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  1. Scott Joplin
  2. Hank Williams
  3. Roy Rogers
  4. T
  5. Minimalism
  1. a was a successful composer of ragtime pieces (inc. Maple Leaf Rag) at the turn of the 19th-20th century.
  2. b was found dead in the back of his Cadillac convertible on Jan 1. 1953, after living the hard life he wrote about so well in song.
  3. c was the king of the cowboy singers--a big star in Hollywood movies.
  4. d T or F: Talent scout Ralph Peer discovered both the Carter family and Jimmie Rodgers in Bristol, Tennesse.
  5. e ___________ music is characterized by clear tonality, steady pulse, and the repetition of short melodic phrases.

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  1. Texan who launched a style called western swing, influencing Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard
  2. T or F: Lead Belly is regarded as the first comedian of country music.
  3. who comments in the films is a blind bluegrass musician from Deep Gap, NC
  4. Fiddlin' John Carson was recorded by talent scout ______ _________, launching the country music record industry.
  5. Alban berg's compositional style is referred to as ______________, a pre-ordering of the various elements of music

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  1. TT or F: the Carter family had hit songs in Wildwood Flower and Keep on the Sunny Side.


  2. quotationConcerto Grosso with echoes of Handel is an example of _________music


  3. TT or F: Roy Acuff founded the National Association of Gospel Choirs.


  4. Olivier Messiaenthe French composer, ornithologist, and teacher, was a prisoner in a German WWII prison camp


  5. Ernest Tubbwas a baritone singer/songwriter in the honky-tonk style with his Walkin' the Floor Over You.


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