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  1. Empatar
  2. el equipo
  3. el trofeo
  4. Me puse a (+ infinative)
  5. Montar a caballo
  1. a to tie (a game)
  2. b trophy
  3. c team
  4. d to ride a horse
  5. e I started to...

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  1. to cry
  2. ice skating
  3. competition
  4. It makes me sad when I fail.
  5. I felt sad.

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  1. Perder (ie)to lose


  2. Me dio (mucha) alegriaIt made me (very) sad.


  3. Me dio una rabiaIt made me angry.


  4. Se pone rabiosa cuando pierdeShe becomes angry when she loses.


  5. Me puse alegreI felt sad.


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