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  1. Nos podimose tristes
  2. la equitación
  3. el esquí acuático
  4. Me da tristeza cuando fracaso
  5. el trofeo
  1. a We become sad.
  2. b It makes me sad when I fail.
  3. c horseback riding
  4. d water skiing
  5. e trophy

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  1. I did very well (badly)
  2. speech, public speaking
  3. swimming
  4. It made her embarassed.
  5. to ride a horse

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  1. Me dio una rabiaIt gave her anger.


  2. Me dio (mucha) alegriaIt made me (very) happy.


  3. Me pongo tristeI become sad.


  4. Me puse avergonzadoI felt happy.


  5. Le dio una rabiaIt gave her anger.


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