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  1. transference
  2. spontaneous recovery
  3. behavior therapy
  4. humanistic therapy
  5. Somatic therapy
  1. a 2/3 rate; healing on own or out of nowhere
  2. b define problem by behavior; goal is to change behavior
  3. c project feelings of someone else to therapist
  4. d anti-anxiety,anti depression, anti psychotic;
    short term control only
  5. e person you want to be; (6-8weeks)

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  1. method with rambling thoughts and eventually the unconscious thoughts come out.(2-3 years)
  2. change positive to negative (ex:replace smoke w pain or shock)
  3. a treatment designed to identify and change self defeating thoughts that lead to anxiety and other symptoms of disorder
  4. when members have a common problem this works the best (ex:war victims)
  5. reward and punishment; positive reinforcement (ex:reform school)

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  1. catharsisemotional reliving of unconscious problem; ex: freued walked in on parents and just remembered then cured


  2. counter transferencetherapist sometimes projects his feelings of children onto client


  3. beck/byrnes cognitive therapyuse of several different therapies


  4. dream analysismethod in which help is given to clients to recognize unconcious thoughts and emotions


  5. efficacya consistency between the way therapists feel and the way they act towards clients


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