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  1. free association
  2. psychotherapy
  3. counter transference
  4. beck/byrnes cognitive therapy
  5. efficacy
  1. a insight-mental adjustment; behavior-changes behavior
  2. b a treatment in which the therapist helps clients to notice and change negative thoughts associated with anxiety and depression (ex: all or none thinking, crystal ball, negative filter)
  3. c cure rate- defined as consensus which was agreement of cure between psychol. and patient (2-3 years)
  4. d therapist sometimes projects his feelings of children onto client
  5. e method with rambling thoughts and eventually the unconscious thoughts come out.(2-3 years)

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  1. project feelings of someone else to therapist
  2. method in which help is given to clients to recognize unconcious thoughts and emotions
  3. reward and punishment; positive reinforcement (ex:reform school)
  4. a treatment designed to identify and change self defeating thoughts that lead to anxiety and other symptoms of disorder
  5. anti-anxiety,anti depression, anti psychotic;
    short term control only

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  1. behavior therapydefine problem by behavior; goal is to change behavior


  2. catharsisemotional reliving of unconscious problem; ex: freued walked in on parents and just remembered then cured


  3. gestalt therapyget in touch with the feelings; sensitivity groups and "empty chair" technique


  4. group therapywhen members have a common problem this works the best (ex:war victims)


  5. eclectic therapyanti-anxiety,anti depression, anti psychotic;
    short term control only


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