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  1. Mummy
  2. Pharaoh
  3. Polytheistic
  4. Peasants
  5. Nubia
  1. a Lower class workers; builders of pyramids (but Study Island says that slaves built them)
  2. b Hereditary king; god; priest; tax collector; judge
  3. c
    body which has been preserved and wrapped in linen
  4. d Religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians
  5. e Region located south of Egypt; a/k/a Kush; traded extensively with Egypt (ivory, ebony, gold); copied Egyptian culture (e.g., pyramids)

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  1. Egypt conquered by Greeks (Alexander the Great)
  2. Rome conquers Egypt; Pharaoh Cleopatra and ancient Egypt come to an end.
  3. The Great Pharaoh; c. 1300 B.C.; ruled for 67 years; ~90 sons; signed 1st peace treaty (w/Hittites); builder of many monuments, temples, statues, etc.
  4. c. 1500 B.C.; first female pharaoh of both Upper and Lower Egypt; famous as builder and for trade
  5. Important for farming; flooding improved grain production for storage and trade

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  1. King TutKing Menes' other name


  2. Deity
    triangle shaped fertile area at the mouth of a river


  3. Alexander the GreatGreek conquerer of Egypt (circa 300 B.C.)


  4. WritingHieroglyphics (picture writing)


  5. Location
    supplying land with water through a network of canals


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