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  1. Alexander the Great
  2. c. 300 BC
  3. circa 5000 B.C.
  4. Middle Kingdom
  5. Dynasty
  1. a 1st settlements along the Nile
  2. b a line or series of rulers from a single family
  3. c Era between the Old and the New Kingdoms
  4. d Egypt conquered by Greeks (Alexander the Great)
  5. e Greek conquerer of Egypt (circa 300 B.C.)

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  1. Unimportant, but useful, Pharaoh
  2. c. 1500 B.C.; first female pharaoh of both Upper and Lower Egypt; famous as builder and for trade

  3. upper class person; aristocrat; hoity-toity
  4. Stories which explained the world; source of many gods

  5. type of government with a powerful, hereditary ruler

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  1. CalendarLast pharaoh; conquered by Rome in 31 BC


  2. Peasants
    reed plant used to make early form of paper


  3. HorusSon of Osiris; head of a falcon; god of the living, the sun, and the sky


  4. PapyrusFirst paper used for writing


  5. New KingdomLast of the eras of Egyptian history; the era of Ramses, Tut, and Hatshepsut


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