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  1. Monotheism
  2. Agriculture
  3. Writing
  4. Polytheism
  5. Pyramid
  1. a
    belief in, and worship of, many gods
  2. b
    huge stone tomb for a pharaoh (or queen); greatest are at Giza
  3. c
    cultivating land and/or raising stock
  4. d Hieroglyphics (picture writing)
  5. e
    belief in, and worship of, just one god

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  1. The Great Pharaoh; c. 1300 B.C.; ruled for 67 years; ~90 sons; signed 1st peace treaty (w/Hittites); builder of many monuments, temples, statues, etc.

  2. Unfree person; a person who is owned by another person and works without pay
  3. Important for farming; flooding improved grain production for storage and trade
  4. Son of Osiris; head of a falcon; god of the living, the sun, and the sky

  5. one thousand years

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  1. King NarmerTutankhamun's nickname


  2. Monarchy
    type of government with a powerful, hereditary ruler


  3. Cleopatra
    system of organizing time to indicate dates, days, weeks, months, etc.


  4. TutankhamunAlexander's general who made himself pharaoh, and started Ptolemaic Dynasty (which ended with Cleopatra)


  5. c. 300 BCEgypt conquered by Greeks (Alexander the Great)


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