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  1. Noble
  2. Slave
  3. c. 300 BC
  4. King Narmer
  5. Polytheistic
  1. a Egypt conquered by Greeks (Alexander the Great)
  2. b
    Unfree person; a person who is owned by another person and works without pay
  3. c King Menes' other name
  4. d Religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians
  5. e
    upper class person; aristocrat; hoity-toity

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  1. ancient Egyptian pictograph writing

  2. tools and skills people use to meet their basic needs

  3. reed plant used to make early form of paper
  4. Large stone statue with the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh, located at Giza
  5. Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by King Menes (a/k/a King Narmer)

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  1. Monarch
    ruler of a monarchy; e.g., king, queen, pharaoh


  2. PapyrusFirst paper used for writing


  3. Nile RiverImportant for farming; flooding improved grain production for storage and trade


  4. WritingGod of the harvest, eternal life, laws, farming


  5. PolytheismReligious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians


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