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  1. Scribe
  2. Monarchy
  3. Irrigation
  4. Hatshepsut
  5. Polytheism
  1. a
    belief in, and worship of, many gods
  2. b c. 1500 B.C.; first female pharaoh of both Upper and Lower Egypt; famous as builder and for trade
  3. c
    supplying land with water through a network of canals
  4. d
    type of government with a powerful, hereditary ruler
  5. e
    writer; professional record keeper

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  1. reed plant used to make early form of paper

  2. huge stone tomb for a pharaoh (or queen); greatest are at Giza

  3. dry or arid region with little or no vegetation
  4. Greek conquerer of Egypt (circa 300 B.C.)
  5. Unimportant, but useful, Pharaoh

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  1. HorusSon of Osiris; head of a falcon; god of the living, the sun, and the sky


  2. Pharaoh
    ancient Egyptian king


  3. PapyrusFirst paper used for writing


  4. Mummy
    god or goddess


  5. New KingdomFirst of the eras of Egyptian history; age when most of the pyramids were built


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