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  1. fellow
  2. farther instead of further
  3. don't
  4. forego instead of forgo
  5. feel
  1. a to perceive through physical senses or emotions, not think or believe
  2. b to precede or go before instead of to give up or relinquish
  3. c contraction of do not, don't say "he don't"
  4. d colloquial when used for person
  5. e at or to a more distant point instead of to a greater extent, in addition

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  1. to pay out or spend instead of to scatter
  2. colloquial for to disturb or agitate, most commonly negative
  3. coloring of materials instead of expiring
  4. shouldn't be used for because of. should be used after a noun or linking verb
  5. in a formal manner instead of at a former time

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  1. definitelyused to mean very or quite, avoid it, lacks accuracy


  2. dataplural of datum, refers to a body of facts or figures


  3. disinterestedused to mean very or quite, avoid it, lacks accuracy


  4. equally asverb. draperies is the correct noun form


  5. expectto look forward to or forsee, not suspect or suppose


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