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  1. everyday and every day
  2. fewer instead of less
  3. exam
  4. each other instead of one another
  5. definitely
  1. a refers to a number instead of refering to an amount
  2. b two people instead of more than two people
  3. c colloquial for examination
  4. d used to mean very or quite, avoid it, lacks accuracy
  5. e adjective and adverb

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  1. verb. draperies is the correct noun form
  2. colloquial when used for person
  3. a deserved reward or punishment instead of the sweet course served at the end of a meal
  4. colloquial when used for general approval
  5. omit either word, never use both

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  1. fixverb meaning to make firm, colloquial when it means a bad condition


  2. disinterestedunbiased, impartial, often confused with uninterested which means lacking interest


  3. dataplural of datum, refers to a body of facts or figures


  4. expectcolloquial for examination


  5. enthuse and enthusedcolloquial and always unacceptable in writing


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