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  1. everyday and every day
  2. forego instead of forgo
  3. due to
  4. expect
  5. fact that
  1. a to precede or go before instead of to give up or relinquish
  2. b shouldn't be used for because of. should be used after a noun or linking verb
  3. c adjective and adverb
  4. d to look forward to or forsee, not suspect or suppose
  5. e wordy and redundant, omit

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  1. colloquial for to disturb or agitate, most commonly negative
  2. at or to a more distant point instead of to a greater extent, in addition
  3. coloring of materials instead of expiring
  4. colloquial when used for person
  5. colloquial when used for general approval

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  1. examLatin for and other things, not preceded by and, not a catch-all expression


  2. enthuse and enthusedcolloquial and always unacceptable in writing


  3. feelverb meaning to make firm, colloquial when it means a bad condition


  4. definitelycolloquial when used for general approval


  5. drapescolloquial for to disturb or agitate, most commonly negative


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