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  1. recap
  2. mount
  3. repatriate
  4. mundane
  5. capsize
  1. a to send or bring someone, or sometimes money or other property, back to their own country. eg: We need to have one of your managers raise the end of assignment request in the system in order for us to kick start with the repatriation process. Once the EOA request is raised in the system, I will provide you with an EOA checklist which should guide you to a smooth repatriation back to your home country.
  2. b to repeat the main points of an explanation or description. eg:Finally, the teacher recapped the main points of the lesson.
  3. c to fix something on a wall, in a frame etc., so that it can be viewed or used.The children's work has been mounted on cards and put up on the walls of the classroom.
    The CCTV camera is mounted above the main door.
  4. d to (cause a boat or ship to) turn upside down by accident while on water.When the boat capsized we were trapped underneath it. Nearly 300 people remain missing after a ferry capsized off the southern coast of South Korea Wednesday with more than 462 people on board, most of them high school students. eg: Divers continue to pull bodies from the sunken South Korean ferryboat, as authorities widened their inquiry and released transcripts capturing the confusion as the ship capsized five days ago.
  5. e very ordinary and therefore not interesting

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  1. preventing light from travelling through, and therefore not transparent or translucent.
    The next two steps involve setting the color of the gradient to match the background of the slide so it obscures part of the apple, and adjusting the transparency of the gradient so that a fade is created revealing a part of the apple. Here the background of the slide and the image is white, so we go with white for both the stops.
    To "flow" the gradient and create the fade effect, you will need to set the transparency of one of the gradient stops (select one of the gradient stops and move the slider for transparency) while keeping the other one opaque. Experiment with the sliders and create the fade effect as per the requirements of the slide. Here's what I got for my image of the apple.
  2. the treatment of diseases using chemicals.Chemotherapy is often used in the treatment of cancer. eg:Trial: Malaria Chemoprevention Protects Children
  3. Latency problems occur when it takes too long for the packet to complete its trip.
  4. the force which makes it difficult for one object to slide along the surface of another or to move through a liquid or gasWhen you rub your hands together the friction produces heat.
    eg:Following Tibetan riots in 2008 that left parts of Lhasa in ruins, Frenchmen Eric Meyer and Laurent Zylberman were the only freelance journalists Beijing allowed into Tibet. They witnessed the friction between Han Chinese helping to usher in a modern culture and Tibetans seeking to hold on to centuries-old traditions.Through a day-to-day narrative of their visit, analysis of what they saw, and in stunning black and white photographs, they portray changes, clashes and emotions in a new book: Tibet, The Last Cry.
    Eric Meyer told VOA's Jim Stevenson of both what he sees as lament and optimism for the future of Tibet.
  5. the curved path that an object follows after it has been thrown or shot the air. eg:the trajectory of a bullet/missile

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  1. graveto try to discover information that other people do not want you to know, by asking questions carefully and not directly


  2. unrivalleda small bomb thrown by hand or shot from a gun.Security officials in Egypt say gunmen armed with rocket-propelled grenades have killed at least 20 guards near the border with Libya.


  3. vitriolicviolent hate and anger expressed through severe criticism.He is a writer who has often been criticized by the press but never before with such vitriol.He launched a vitriolic attack on the prime minister, accusing him of shielding corrupt friends. eg: That one of the top public officials of the U.S. government is being mocked isn't new. What's new is how personalized and vitriolic the attacks are, coming mainly via services such as Twitter and LiveJournal.


  4. refrainto avoid doing or stop yourself from doing something. eg:The U.N. chief has refrained from pronouncing the referendum illegitimate. Ukraine's interim authorities and their international supporters say it violated the country's constitution. But Ban has called on all parties in the country and those with influence to avoid actions that could escalate tensions.


  5. convulseto limit an activity, person or problem in some way. eg: Let's confine our discussion to the matter in question, please! eg:Please confine your use of the telephone to business calls.
    eg: Funds are used to represent funds from secondary sources. They represent funds that are limited as to time available or function, which have been made available to cover specific expenditures.
    In the system, a funds represents the whole organizational and functional structure of your organization (funds center and commitment item hierarchy). You can use a
    Budget Structure to confine this structure to particular responsibility areas (funds centers) and expenditure categories (commitment items). You thus determine which responsibility area receives the promised funds, which have usually come from a particular source to cover a particular project and can only be disbursed on particular types of expenditure.
    You can create an overall budget to cover the whole period in question: you can apportion this to the financial years affected. Budget is used up as postings are made to the fund. Funds reservations and business transactions entered in the feeder systems (such as financial accounting and materials management) also affect the budget.


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