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  1. defeat
  2. unilateral
  3. militia
  4. exotic
  5. sheer
  1. a involving only one group or country. eg:The party leader has actually declared her support for unilateral nuclear disarmament (= giving up her country's nuclear weapons without first waiting for other countries to do the same).eg: President Barack Obama has reaffirmed the U.S. treaty commitment to defend Japan, including a group of East China Sea islands claimed by both Tokyo and Beijing.
    Following a Thursday meeting in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Obama explicitly stated the Senkaku Islands fall under the treaty obliging the United States to defend Japan if attacked.
    Obama stressed the U.S. does not take a position on the sovereignty of the islands, known in China as Diaoyu, but noted that they are administered by Japan and that should not be changed unilaterally.
  2. b when someone loses against someone else in a fight or competition, or when someone or something is made to fail. eg: She admitted/conceded defeat well before all the votes had been counted.
  3. c unusual and often exciting because of coming (or seeming to come) from a far, especially tropical country.exotically dressed dancers. exotic flowers/food/designs. eg:The traditional Chinese dinner plate is getting a makeover as tastes in the country begin to change. Exotic seafood and different meats are now being purchased at increasing rates.
  4. d n. an army of citizens instead of professional soldiers.
    Jim Tuttle is a reporter. He researched U.S. gun culture for a project called News21. One of the groups he visited was a citizen militia in the state of Mississippi.

    "The folks that I met in the militia especially, they want their kids to be able to defend themselves if there's, you know, a home intruder or a home invasion or something like that."
  5. e used to emphasize how very great, important or powerful a quality or feeling is; nothing except

    The suggestion is sheer nonsense.

    His success was due to sheer willpower/determination.

    It was sheer coincidence that we met.

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  1. an officer in the British army whose rank is above a colonel and below a major-general , and who is in charge of a brigade
  2. without injuries or damage being caused.Her husband died in the accident but she, amazingly, escaped unscathed. eg:Some magazines contain nothing but scandal and gossip. eg: South African President Zuma Unscathed by Scandals.
  3. a long, either vertical or sloping, passage through a building or through the ground. eg: They will be able to travel the length of the 440 metre shaft - from the first to 95th floor - in a stomach-churning 43 seconds.
  4. imagine something.
    I think my uncle still conceives of me as a four-year-old.
    He couldn't conceive of a time when he would have no job.
    [+ question word] I can't conceive (= It is too shocking to imagine) how anyone could behave so cruelly.
    [+ that] I find it hard to conceive (= It is too shocking to imagine) that people are still treated so badly.
    eg: He thought, why not combine all the things he loves most - - biology, paleontology and beer? So, he took a sample, an example, of the yeast from this really old whale bone. Yeast is the most important ingredient for making beer. And voila! Here it is! A new beer is born.

    "So the idea was conceived, it was basically a brainchild idea of mine to mix molecular biology, paleontology, and beer together. It's three things that I love." become pregnant, or to cause a baby to begin to form.
    eg:Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
  5. a bush or small tree with sweet-smelling purple or white flowers.
    eg:Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in the spring. That is the time of year when lilac plants burst into flower throughout much of the United States.

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  1. cumbersomeThe coverage of something in the news is the reporting of it. ⇒ Now a special TV network gives live coverage of most races.
    eg:The U.S. has started to train the Syrian rebels and give them military equipment. But Mr. Logan says Republicans want the Obama administration to do more.

    "There's a program in place. It's not being conducted the way Senator McCain would like it to be conducted. So I think the, the change here might really be how the conversation goes, what sorts of hearings happen, and how Republicans in the Senate can affect, sort of, the press coverage -- what's said about the president's policies."


  2. garbage(UK rubbish) waste material or unwanted things that you throw away.
    eg:Ministers, lawmakers and school leaders also picked up brooms and trash cans to sweep streets and clear garbage. They hoped to bring attention to the issue of better sanitation. Traditionally in India, cleaning is considered a task to be done by people in a lower social class or caste.


  3. scarfa strip, square or triangle of cloth, worn around the neck, head or shoulders to keep you warm or to make you look attractive.a knitted/woollen/silk scarf.
    eg:Witnesses said a second man may have been working with the shooter. The shooter and another man wore scarves of the same design on their heads.


  4. banqueta large formal meal for many people, often followed by speeches in honour of someone.Medieval banquets are held in the castle once a month. eg: In addition to the evolving Chinese economy, social factors are driving people to buy more of these products than ever before. Fabinyi claims the luxurious banquet culture among the country's elite is a large reason why the high-end market for seafood like live reef fish, sea cucumbers and shark fins is thriving.


  5. haulto pull something heavy slowly and with difficulty.
    They hauled the boat out of the water.
    She hauled herself up into the tree.
    eg: A miner uses a shovel to haul dirt at the Atunso Cocoase small-scale mine in Atunso, Ghana, Oct. 16, 2014.


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