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  1. municipality
  2. fuel
  3. penalty
  4. distraction
  5. swarm
  1. a a substance which is used to provide heat or power, usually by being burned. eg:Is Ukraine divided?Mr Yanukovych fled to Ukraine's Russian-speaking east on Saturday, where heavy industry fueled by Russian gas dominates the economy. In the west, where some regions were once part of Poland and Austria's empire, most people speak Ukrainian and feel closer to Europe, where many have jobs. Despite these differences, there are few signs the country is in danger of a split.
  2. b a city or town with its own local government, or the local government itself
    eg: Beijing has been under heavy smog since noon on Thursday. The municipality's office for severe air pollution emergency issued a yellow alert that day,
  3. c a punishment, or the usual punishment, for doing something that is against a law
  4. d when you are very bored or annoyed.That dreadful noise is driving me to distraction. eg: Secretary of State John Kerry says Russia is "stoking instability" in Ukraine, and the Obama administration will impose additional sanctions against Moscow if it does not keep promises made last week to help de-escalate the crisis.
    Kerry says the world has rightly judged that authorities in Kyiv are working in good faith to de-escalate the crisis, while Moscow "has put its faith in distraction, deception and destabilization."
  5. e When insects swarm, they come together in a large group.

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  1. (an example of) spoken or written statements that something is true, especially those given in a court of law;to be clear proof of something
  2. extra things that are added to something to make it more pleasant or more attractive, but that are not necessary.a cheap, no frills airline. eg: Other DNS services don't offer this feature. For example, Google Public DNS does not include any content-filtering features, as it aims to just function as a fast DNS service without any of the frills.
  3. impale on or pierce with a sharp point.
    eg: On Friday morning, PM 2.5 readings in most of Beijing's observatory stations spiked more than 300 micrograms per cubic metre, far above the 25 micrograms considered safe by the World Health Organisation.
  4. 1.An inherent mental or physical power :her critical faculties
    the faculty of sight 2 A group of university departments concerned with a major division of knowledge: the Faculty of Arts.the law faculty. eg:"We deliberately invented a language that was almost devoid of many of the technical details that were present in other languages," said Kurtz.
    BASIC translated English commands, such as IF...THEN, or GO...TO, into the numerical language computers could understand.
    Kurtz said the response was overwhelming.
    "Not only our students loved getting onto the computer any time they wanted to, for whatever purpose they wanted to, but even the faculty got interested. Of course not everybody, but many of them," he said.
  5. when you laugh at someone or something in an unkind way.a mocking voice. eg:Today, April 30, marks the anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. On this date in 1975, Marines evacuated the last Americans from the embassy in Saigon, bringing to a close America's most divisive foreign conflict - a division expressed in street protests and in song.

    The Vietnam War took place at an unusual time in United States history. A record number of U.S. women gave birth in the years 1946 to 1959, and the largest part of that "Baby Boom" was of fighting age when the war began. The "Baby Boomers" had also created a full-fledged youth culture by that time, a culture based largely on music. So when public sentiment turned against the war, so did popular songs.
    Vietnam War Protests Influenced Popular Music
    America's involvement in Vietnam started slowly - only 5,000 soldiers in 1960. So at first, people in the U.S. weren't paying very close attention. But the protest movement was starting even then.

    Within two years of the 1963 song, "Soldier's Letter," the number of Americans in Vietnam would increase dramatically. America didn't have an all-volunteer army back then. In 1962 the government implemented the Selective Service, or "The Draft."

    "When you registered for the selective service system, you were assigned a draft number. And if your number came up, then you were in the Army," said Leslie Waffen, the retired head of the motion picture, sound, and video branch at the National Archives and also an expert on the music of the Vietnam War.

    "'Draft Dodger Rag' was a very important, influential song. And it was recorded by many folk singers and groups. And the lyrics were filled with ways to dodge the draft," Waffen added.

    Draft dodging songs, like "Draft Dodger Rag" or David Crosby's "Draft Morning," mostly talked about the unfairness of the draft.

    "The 'Fortunate Son' song had several lines in it that referred to privileged youth who are able to avoid the draft and not have to participate in the war," Waffen said

    The president and the generals in Vietnam told Americans back home that the U.S. was winning the war. But in January 1968, North Vietnamese soldiers attacked positions deep inside South Vietnam, including the U.S. embassy. Though the offensive was soon crushed, it left Americans doubting what they were being told.

    The song, "Fixin' To Die Rag," was performed by Country Joe and the Fish at Woodstock, a giant music festival that was held in upstate New York in 1969. According to Les Waffen, "it became extremely popular as a song that said everything about the public's antagonism against the war and it sort of reflected what public opinion was all about."

    Even more important, Waffen says: The song also became popular with the soldiers who were fighting in Vietnam.

    "There would be DJs in certain zones who would set up their own radio station and begin to broadcast the songs that you were not going to hear on Armed Forces Radio," he said.

    Of course there were also songs in favor of the war. In 1965 and 1966 the most popular song in America was "The Ballad of the Green Berets."

    And those celebrating soldiers also sang songs mocking those who found ways not to have to fight, as in "The Yellow Beret" by Bob Seeger.

    America is a place of diverse opinions. It's also a place that offers citizens the right to express those opinions -- even when they go against the government, even in the middle of a war.

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  1. catastrophic1.relating to the universe and the natural processes that happen in it.2.very great. eg: Humans traveling on a spacecraft to Mars would be exposed to two kinds of radiation. One is low-energy particles called Galactic Cosmic Rays, or GCRs. The other is solar particle radiation, which depends on sun spot activity.
    Mr. Zeitlin says improvements in protective equipment might help keep astronauts safe from the solar radiation. But he says the cosmic rays are a bigger problem.
    "They can typically go through several inches of solid matter shielding without being attenuated (reduced) very much. So astronauts in deep space will get a continuous low radiation dose."


  2. bear(bore,borne)referring to detailed information about someone's body, such as the patterns of colour in their eyes, that can be used to prove who they are:
    biometric data; a biometric passport;Returning original employment and dependant biometric cards to the Ministry of Manpower


  3. reflectionwhen someone is prosecuted. eg:Doctors guilty of neglect are liable to prosecution.


  4. rallyused to refer to cows that are used for producing milk, rather than meat, or to foods which are made from milk, such as cream, butter and cheese.
    eg:USDA agricultural economist Fred Gale said Deng Xiaoping-one of China's first post-Mao leaders who focused on directing the country toward a market economy-made it a point to support the changing diet to keep the Chinese people competitive in the global marketplace.
    "[Deng Xiaoping] stated, we must fundamentally change the racist food structure-increasing the meat and dairy intake in our diet to improve the physique of the Chinese people," said Gale. "So, they will rank among the excellent members of humanity. At this point, meat and dairy became a nationalistic thing and promoting production became a major national policy goal."
    Regardless of the Chinese Communist Party's intentions, negative effects associated with the increase of pork and seafood consumption are leaving a bad taste in some peoples' mouths. Environmentalists argue there are ecological problems occurring on land and at sea within these animal populations.


  5. latentto cause repeated suffering or years after the fire he is still haunted by images of death and destruction. eg:Feinerman said "If there is a concern at the top that no one wants to do to Zhou what might come back to haunt them should they fall out of favor, then they might be unwilling to make a huge deal about Zhou himself."


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