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  1. ruined
  2. speculation
  3. in favor of
  4. iceberg
  5. plight
  1. a a very large mass of ice that floats in the sea.
    eg: So the tip of the iceberg that we know about is very frightening, and it is not different from region to region. But in this particular region we are encouraged by a number of factors. Most countries have been giving to this topic a very high attention in policies that are being put in place."
  2. b destroyed or ancient ruined castle. eg: company's brand should not be ruined or defamed just because we are not doing a good job in implementing these corporate requirement.
  3. c when you guess possible answers to a question without having enough information to be certain
    Rumours that they are about to marry have been dismissed as pure speculation.
    Speculation about his future plans is rife.
    [+ that] The Prime Minister's speech fuelled/prompted speculation that an election will be held later in the year.
    So the numbers, while worrying (air bags should ideally work all of the time), may not be directly tied to the ignition switch issue that this recall specifically addresses—only to the models that were recalled. A spokesperson for GM said that "without rigorous analysis, it is pure speculation to attempt to draw any meaningful conclusions."
    eg:"We ask that the privacy of Michael's family continue to be respected, and that speculations about his state of health are avoided."

    A spokesman for the university hospital in Lausanne, confirmed that the 45-year-old German, a seven-times world champion, had been discharged earlier in the day.

    No details were given on Schumacher's condition.
  4. d an unpleasant condition, especially a serious, sad or difficult one
    .Few of us can be unmoved by the plight of the Romanian orphans. eg:Their aim is to highlight the plight of refugees forced to choose between living in poverty in Hong Kong or returning to countries where their lives may be in danger.In a city often cited as the most expensive in the world, most refugees survive on a rental allowance of $200 a month, and three monthly food parcels from the Social Welfare Department.
  5. e to the benefit of : in support of <a verdict in favor of the accused>.
    eg:Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest says the Obama administration is studying the constitution. But he is leaving open the possibility of Congress taking action.

    "The president has indicated that he would happily throw away whatever, any executive actions that did not enact in favor of bipartisan legislation."

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  1. disappointment or anger, especially when caused by a failure or mistake
  2. the murder of a whole group of people, especially a whole nation, race or religious group
  3. a person you spend a lot of time with either because you are friends or because you are travelling together.
    a travelling companion.
    eg:No one at the time seemed much impressed by Lincoln's speech. That night, on the train back to Washington, Lincoln bay stretched out on a seat, tired and discouraged. He said to a companion, "That speech was a flat failure, and the people are disappointed." Most of the newspapers seemed to feel the same way. They called the speech unimportant, even foolish. One writer went so far as to say that every American should feel ashamed that the President of the United States had to express himself in such a stupid manner.
  4. the part of a business company that is concerned with running the company and that does not deal directly with customers or the public :
    I worked for several years as an administrator in the back office of a large corporation.
    We provide back-office services for several companies.
  5. a short performance that an actor, musician, dancer, etc. gives in order to show their ability and suitability for a particular play, film, show, etc.
    His audition went well and he's fairly hopeful about getting the part.
    The director is holding auditions next week for the major parts.
    eg:In 2010, at age 24, Cutter Hodierne went to Kenya and made a shorter version of Fishing Without Nets. He used Somali refugees to play the parts. These untrained actors included day laborers, fishermen and truck drivers. They were all living in Mombasa, Kenya at the time.

    "We would set up these informal auditions in restaurants and just like hangouts where Somalis would sit around and chew khat and drink tea, and we would audition people there."

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  1. play[T] to compete against a person or team in a game.
    Who are Aston Villa playing next week?
    eg:The city of San Francisco, California, is home to the Giants Major League Baseball team. The team is playing the Kansas City Royals for the 2014 World Series championship. The best-of-seven-games series begins at Kauffman Stadium in the Midwest state of Missouri.

    The fans of both teams are known for their deep and loyal support. For example, two San Francisco radio stations have banned Lorde's song "Royals" from airplay. The stations tweeted that the song is off their playlists until the series is over.

    In Kansas City, on the other hand, a pop radio station is doing just the opposite. It says it will play "Royals" every hour until the start of the first game.


  2. hawkishsupporting the use of force in political relationships rather than discussion or other more peaceful solutions.
    The president is hawkish on foreign policy.
    eg:Mr. Fortier says it will be difficult to defeat her. He says other Democrats surely will challenge her. And he says they probably will try to make the argument from the left - the more liberal side of the party. He also says she may be criticized for being too hawkish about foreign policy.


  3. conformistto make the same journey regularly between work and home.
    PM2.5 refers to the diameter measured in microns of particulates such as ammonia, carbon, nitrates and sulfate -- which are small enough to pass into the bloodstream and cause diseases such as emphysema and cancer.
    The WHO data echoes an earlier study this year which found that air pollution in New Delhi is now worse than Beijing.
    No Chinese cities ranked in the top 20 most polluted cities, despite thick, gray smog filling its cities and millions of residents commuting behind surgical masks. Beijing reported 56 micrograms of PM2.5. This year, Chinese leaders have declared "war on pollution."


  4. baptizea type of popular music, developed by black musicians in North America in the early 1900s, with tunes that are not on regular beats.
    eg: The 1920s also were an exciting time for black music. Black musicians playing the piano developed the ragtime style of music. Singers and musicians produced a sad, emotional style of playing that became known as the blues. And most important, music lovers began to play and enjoy a new style that was becoming known as jazz.


  5. evolvea tool consisting of a wide square metal or plastic blade, usually with slightly raised sides, fixed to a handle, for moving loose material such as sand, coal or snow.
    Should I put another shovelful of coal on the fire?
    eg: "Ah yes," I said, "the cask of Amontillado." I leaned over and began pushing aside the pile of bones against the wall. Under the bones was a basket of stone blocks, some cement and a small shovel. I had hidden the materials there earlier. I began to fill the doorway of the tiny room with stones and cement.
    eg: A miner uses a shovel to haul dirt at the Atunso Cocoase small-scale mine in Atunso, Ghana, Oct. 16, 2014.


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