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  1. plot
  2. fully-fledged
  3. graft
  4. emeritus
  5. in (the) light of
  1. a Illegal use of political influence for personal China Corruption Case Against Zhou Yongkang Exposes Scale of Graft .
    Graft, a form of political corruption, is the unscrupulous use of a politician's authority for personal gain. The term has its origins in the medical procedure where by tissue is removed from one location and attached to another for which it was not originally intended. Similarly, political graft occurs when funds intended for public projects are intentionally misdirected in order to maximize the benefits to private interests.
    eg: So far, it looks like he is going to be successful in combating a lot of corruption and graft.
  2. b because or as a result of:In light of the problems we're having, we have no choice but to close the business. eg: The tasks of Funds Management are to budget all revenues and expenditures for individual responsibility areas, monitor future funds movements in light of the budget available, and prevent budget overruns.
  3. c a secret plan made by several people to do something that is wrong, harmful or not legal, especially to do damage to a person or a government
    The plot was discovered before it was carried out.
    [+ to infinitive] The police have foiled a plot to assassinate the president.
    eg: The raid on Harpers Ferry increased the bitterness of the national dispute over slavery. Members of the Democratic Party called the raid a plot by the Republican Party. Republican leaders denied the charge. They said the raid was the work of one man -- one madman. Still, they said, John Brown had acted for good reason: to end slavery in America.
  4. d no longer having a position, especially in a college or university, but keeping the title of the position. eg: She became Emeritus Professor of Linguistics when she retired. eg:Former U.S. state and defense department official Leslie Gelb, also a president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, says China is the first major world power in history to fall short of being a global military power.
  5. e completely developed or trained.What started as a small business is now a fully-fledged company.After years of study, Tim is now a fully-fledged Vietnam War took place at an unusual time in United States history. A record number of U.S. women gave birth in the years 1946 to 1959, and the largest part of that "Baby Boom" was of fighting age when the war began. The "Baby Boomers" had also created a full-fledged youth culture by that time, a culture based largely on music. So when public sentiment turned against the war, so did popular songs.

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  1. an officer of very high rank in the navy
    The Pentagon says Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu has assured U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel that no Russian military personnel are part of a humanitarian convoy that is being inspected at the Ukraine border.
    Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said Friday the two discussed the situation in Ukraine by phone on Friday.
    Meanwhile, Russia is denying reports that a column of Russian military vehicles crossed into eastern Ukraine late Thursday and was destroyed by Ukrainian troops. Jamie Dettmer has more.
    Ukraine's President said Friday, his country's armed forces had destroyed part of a Russian military column that had crossed the border in an escalation of the conflict over Ukraine's breakaway eastern regions.
    The self-styled prime minister for the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, tells VOA the claim is untrue and the pro-Moscow separatists hit a Ukrainian military column, seizing weapons in the clash.
  2. A statement that at first seems to be absurd or self-contradictory but which may in fact turn out to be true.
  3. (informal ammo) objects that can be shot from a weapon such as bullets or bombs
    a good supply of ammunition
    a shortage of ammunition
    Western reporters around Novoazovsk said Ukrainian forces were abandoning vehicles and ammunition as they retreated from the advancing forces.
  4. After you massage your kale, add a little more olive oil and sweet balsamic vinegar as a dressing - or your own favorite salad dressing. Add your favorite toppings for a healthy and delicious salad.
  5. "Have a rice cracker;you're in luck-it's only ten bucks!"(what avarice!);greediness for wealth;
    1.According to psychologists,many gamblers are motivated not by avarice but by a need for excitement.
    2.It was not avarice that motivated Joe to work hard to become wealthy so much as a desire for financial security.
    3.Although Lou was not really an avaricious person,he did find the idea of winning the twenty million dollar lottery prize attractive.

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  1. instrumentofficially having the named position.
    The incumbent president faces problems which began many years before he took office.
    eg:Charlie Cook writes about political campaigns. He says some Democratic senators running for re-election are telling voters they no longer strongly support President Obama.
    "What are midterm elections about, particularly second term midterm elections? It is a referendum on the incumbent president. You know, I am going to use a technical political science term here. This is a bummer (bad) environment for Democrats."


  2. force someone to leave a school, organisation or country.
    The new government has expelled all foreign diplomats.
    My brother was expelled from school for bad behaviour. force air or liquid out of something.
    She took a deep breath, then expelled the air in short blasts.
    When you breathe out, you expel air from your lungs.
    eg:Mr. Modi began the "Clean India" campaign on the birth anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi. He had called good sanitation more important than independence. Mr. Gandhi urged his followers not to associate cleaning with something only done by people of a lower class.
    Another important part of the campaign will be to build toilets. Studies suggest more than half of Indians expel bodily waste outside. This can spread diseases like diarrhea. And, women are exposed to the risk of sexual attack when they go into the fields after dark. A World Bank study estimates that poor sanitation costs India $54 billion in treatments for illnesses, early deaths and lost work time.


  3. rhetoricaldescribes speech or writing which is intended to seem important or influence people. eg:"You want to know what courage is?" he asked rhetorically. eg: THE United States has once again twisted itself a rhetorical pretzel. As when it threatened military action against Syria if a "red line" was crossed, the Obama administration's rhetoric about Russia and Ukraine goes far beyond what it will be willing and able to enforce.
    Earlier this month, President Obama warned that America would "isolate Russia" if it grabbed more land, and yesterday, he suggested that more sanctions were possible. Likewise, Secretary of State John Kerry said the Group of 7 nations were "prepared to go to the hilt" in order to isolate Russia.But Washington's rhetoric is dangerously excessive, for three main reasons: Ukraine is far more important to Vladimir V. Putin than it is to America; it will be hard for the United States and Europe to make good on their threats of crippling sanctions; and other countries could ultimately defang them.


  4. opaqueto be expected to happen in the future or to be expected to be or do something in the future.Geoff is slated to be the next captain of the football team.Tymoshenko, who also met with Donetsk business leaders, had planned to hold a news conference outside the regional government offices. But an air of menace from gathering masked militants, a scuffle and the arrival of pro-Russian babushukas (elderly women) persuaded her aides to move to a nearby hotel.

    Eastern Ukraine is not a political stronghold for the former prime minister. And although Russian President Vladimir Putin has hinted that she is his favorite among all the candidates in Ukraine's presidential elections slated for next month, Tymoshenko remains unpopular here.

    Despite that, some political analysts suspect Tymoshenko, who is trailing badly in opinion polls, hopes to pick up votes in the east and to present herself as the only candidate who can appeal to both ethnic Ukrainians and Russians.

    Some pro-Ukrainian activists are angry she held talks with pro-Russian separatists. Their disappointment increased later Tuesday when news broke that a local politician and member of Tymoshenko's own Fatherland Party was found dead, with his body showing signs of torture. The Kyiv government suspects that pro-Russian militants were behind the killing.

    The murder has prompted Ukraine's acting President Oleksandr Turchynov to threaten to re-launch an anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country and forcibly evict pro-Russian separatists from the buildings they have occupied.

    Tymoshenko says it is important to continue to negotiate.

    However, negotiations don't appear to be resolving the crisis.

    Vladimir Makovich, speaker of the presidium of the self-styled Donetsk People's Republic, remains adamant. He says the only way he and his men will leave peacefully is if the government in Kyiv resigns.


  5. impassea situation in which further development is impossible.
    The dispute had reached an impasse, as neither side would compromise.
    eg: Zhu said the crisis showed the need to strengthen the financial capacity of the IMF and that China hoped the U.S. Congress could move quickly to break an impasse on the issue.


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