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  1. bear(bore,borne)
  2. double-decker
  3. antibiotic
  4. vow
  5. ecological
  1. a The best way to see the sights is from a double-decker bus. a tall bus with two levels. eg: Hitachi will install a total of 95 elevators at the tower, including two of the superfast lifts, as well as slower machines such as double-decker lifts, the statement said.
  2. b to make a determined decision or promise to do something
  3. c a medicine or chemical that can destroy harmful bacteria in the body or limit their growth.
    I'm taking antibiotics for a throat infection.
    a one-month course of antibiotics
    Some types of antibiotic are used to promote growth in farm animals.
    He's on antibiotics for an ear infection.
    The UN Children's Fund says fast food, sugary drinks and lack of interest in exercise have caused the rate of overweight children in Vietnam to increase by six times since 2000.
    But another reason might be milk.
    Vietnamese now believe it is important for children to drink milk in addition to eating more-traditional foods like rice and noodles. People were happy that milk had vitamin D and calcium. But they did not talk about other things that milk had, such as hormones, antibiotics, allergens, fat and sugar. And it had lactose, which causes problems for some people.
  4. d relating to ecology or the environment.The destruction of the rain forests is an ecological disaster.
    Monty Hempel is a professor of environmental sciences at Redlands University in California. He studies ecological literacy -- or ecoliteracy, for short. Ecoliteracy is the ability to think about and understand the natural processes that make life possible.
    "Some people think that ecoliteracy is just a green form of science literacy. And what I have tried to ask is whether that's enough. In other words, what an ecologically-literate person needs to know might include things like the cycles and the flows, the energy systems, all of those kind of things that we would call the science of ecology."
  5. e to carry and move something to a place. eg: At Christmas the family descend on the house bearing gifts. eg: Countless waiters bore trays of drinks into the room. eg: The sound of the ice-cream van was borne into the office on the wind. eg: During the campaigns at the height of malaria season - from July to October - young children will be offered so-called chemoprevention drugs. Small children are at highest risk of dying from malaria, a mosquito-borne parasitic illness that claimed the lives of some three-quarters of a million people in 2012, most of them children and babies in sub-Saharan Africa.

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  1. to get rid of completely or destroy something bad. eg: Analysts note Chinese regulations, recently put in place to eradicate government corruption, are diminishing the effects of banquet culture but high-end seafood and pork consumption are continuing to grow overall.
  2. to spread through something and be present in every part of it.Dissatisfaction with the government seems to have permeated every section of society.A foul smell of stale beer permeated the whole building. The table has a plastic coating which prevents liquids from permeating into the wood beneath.
    eg:"Now, that whole notion that anybody could run a computer permeates the whole world. And I would say that is not the immediate legacy of BASIC but it is a part of what was involved in building up on BASIC," said Kidwell.
    Kurtz and Kemeny released BASIC to the public, free of charge, so the language quickly became widespread. Kurtz says they hoped it would solve what they saw as a major upcoming problem.
    "That is to say, the computer is going to be very important in the world and most people didn't know anything about it because it was in the hands of experts," he said.
  3. being the legal owner of land, a job or an official public position, or the period of time during which you own it. eg:Xu's critics claim that during his tenure, the buying and selling of military ranks was widespread in the defense During his tenure as dean, he had a real influence on the students.
  4. describes medical work or teaching that relates to the examination and treatment of ill people
    clinical tests/training
    the Department of Clinical Medicine
    Clinical trials of the new drug may take five years.
    This toothpaste has been clinically proven (= has been shown in experiments) to protect your teeth.
    Doctors pronounced him clinically dead (= judged him to be dead by examining his body).
    disapproving Should doctors always remain clinically detached from (= express no emotion towards) their patients?
  5. If an idea or argument is predicated on something, it depends on the existence or truth of this The sales forecast is predicated on the assumption that the economy will grow by four per cent.

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  1. loathcertain or extremely likely to happen. eg:These two young musicians are bound for international success (= are certain to be successful). eg:Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott earlier described the sightings as "significant" in the search for the Malaysian flight MH370 with 239 passengers and crew, bound for Beijing on March 8.


  2. manureto be involved in a difficult situation, especially for a long period of time;
    eg: The subsidy program has been _ in allegations of corruption and faced growing losses, becoming a target of a Bangkok-based protest movement bent on ousting Yingluck and the caretaker government she has led since December.


  3. on the back ofWhile many rice farmers are expected to remain loyal to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who swept to power in 2011 __ rural votes generated in part by the subsidies, a slump in prices that could be blamed on her leadership would erode her support base and be another blow for her embattled government.


  4. phase sth outto remove or stop using something gradually or in stages. eg: After the government's move to phase out the English Schools Foundation's annual HK$283 million subsidy takes effect in 2016, schools under the foundation will become more expensive for middle-class expatriate families who are not too well-off, Chapman said.
    "The government's argument that it should not have to support a non-local curriculum is nonsense when you consider that senior civil servants' children are educated either overseas or in international schools here at taxpayers' expense," she said.


  5. endemica supreme leader. eg: "When Americans hear words like Senkaku and Diaoyu, they think, this has nothing to do with me," Daly says. "It is questionable if Americans realize what it would mean for the United States and other countries should China become the hegemon of the Western Pacific."


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