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  1. sermon
  2. cumbersome
  3. charming
  4. mournful
  5. Well after
  1. a pleasant and attractive.
    We had dinner with our director and his charming wife.
    What a charming street this is.
    eg:Franklin Pierce was 48 years old when he took office. He was the youngest man yet to be elected president. He was charming and made friends easily.

    But those who knew Pierce best worried about him. They knew that under all his friendly charm, he was a weak man. They feared the duties and problems of the presidency would be too great for him to deal with.
    eg: Sylvie spent the next day in the forest with the young man. He told her a lot about the birds they saw. Sylvie would have had a much better time if the young man had left his gun at home. She could not understand why he killed the birds he seemed to like so much. She felt her heart tremble every time he shot an unsuspecting bird as it was singing in the trees.

    But Sylvie watched the young man with eyes full of admiration. She had never seen anyone so handsome and charming. A strange excitement filled her heart, a new feeling the little girl did not
  2. b a part of a Christian church ceremony in which a priest gives a talk on a religious or moral subject, often based on something written in the Bible.
    The Reverend William Cronshaw delivered/preached the sermon.
    Today's sermon was on the importance of compassion.
    eg: She was an intelligent,stubborn,and talkative women,and the mother of fourteen children.She angered male religious leaders because she preached her own sermon s to others.
  3. c awkward because of being large, heavy or not effective.
    cumbersome equipment
    cumbersome bureaucracy
    But the professor notes Chinese government concerns about dual citizenship.

    "For example, when a Chinese [citizen] who holds an American passport commits a crime, or has confrontation with the Chinese government, in case he or she is detained or tried in China, the Chinese government will have to inform and work with the U.S. on his case. This is not only a cumbersome process, but also gives foreign countries excuses to interfere with China's internal affairs."
  4. d to carry on for an extended period of time after the actual event or something already happened.
    eg:Historian Daniel Feller at the University of Tennessee is an expert on Andrew Jackson. He says the charges about Jackson's marriage made a good story for people to talk about. But he says other accusations were more serious. These were about Jackson's career.

    "The attacks that really hit home were about Jackson's unauthorized, and perhaps directly-against-orders, conquest of Florida in 1819. His sometimes savage disciplinary measures against his own troops. His declaring martial law in New Orleans and maintaining martial law in New Orleans and arresting people in New Orleans well after the War of 1812 was actually over."
    eg:After the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson was accused of arresting people and violating people's rights for many more months. He was supposed to stop doing that right after the war ended but he refused. He continued to inflict pains and sufferings on soldiers and enemies for a long time without any respect for the law.
    These bad actions and decisions were well after (a long time after) the war ended.
  5. e very sad.
    a mournful expression.
    mournful music.
    eg:Here captain! Dear father!

    This arm beneath your head!
    It is some dream that on the deck,

    You've fallen cold and dead.

    My captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,

    My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will.

    The ship is anchor'd safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,

    From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;

    Exult o shores, and ring o bells!

    But I with mournful tread,

    Walk the deck my captain lies,

    Fallen cold and dead.

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  1. a soldier of middle rank.
    eg:r. Roels does not yet know what to do as a civilian. Brendan O' Byrne also served in the armed forces, as an army sergeant. He, too, is still looking for purpose in civilian life. Sebastian Junger says Mr. O'Byrne was a good soldier and leader.

    "And then he comes home to the United States and he's a mess -- drank way too much, very self-destructive. But when we started doing 'The Last Patrol,' all of a sudden, I would see the old Brendan that I remembered from Afghanistan."
  2. n. a feeling that a bad experience (such as a divorce or the death of a family member) has ended and that you can start to live again in a calm and normal way.
    eg:From January to September of this year an estimated 230 migrants died trying to cross the border from Mexico into the United States. This is according to a new report released by the International Organization for Migration. The organization says that number might be higher.
    The exact number of victims is not known. Their names are also not known.
    But a university professor in Texas is trying to give closure to families who have lost relatives on the border.
  3. extremely fast.
    The runners set off at a blistering pace.
    eg:John Wilson took part in the cheetah research. He says cheetahs can easily deal with those energy outbursts.
    "Like any cat, basically, they rest for most of the day. And they have only brief periods of activity. So, for example, a cheetah would only hunt in the morning for a few hours - in the afternoon for a few hours. We assume they expend a lot of energy during these chases. They offset those high-energy expenditures by resting for most of the day. So these blistering speeds that they run for short periods do not really have an effect on the cheetahs over the entire day."
  4. someone who conforms.
    Puritan reformers fell into two main groups.The first was the Non-conformists,who wanted to change the Church of England from within.They were smaller group and were very difficult.The second type of Puritans were Separatists.They wanted to separate from the Church of England.
  5. 1.connected with human activity at sea
    Amalfi and Venice were important maritime powers.
    Make sure you visit the maritime museum if you're interested in anything to do with ships or seafaring.
    eg: Paul Johnston is curator of Maritime History at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History here in Washington, D.C. The museum displays the gold nugget Mr. Marshall found.
    2. near the sea or coast
    The temperature change in winter is less pronounced in maritime areas.

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  1. disbursementan amount of money given for a particular purpose. eg:


  2. viralcaused by a virus.viral infections eg:Researchers from Africa and Europe compared viral DNA from this outbreak to previous episodes.


  3. be supposed ton. a lawyer who represents the side in a court case that accuses a person of a crime and who tries to prove that the person is guilty.
    eg:Atilla Yesilada is a political expert in Turkey. He says Turkish and foreign investors are worried about the possible effects of the legislation. He says they are worried about the government having the power to seize property and money before an individual or company is found guilty.

    "The burden of proof has almost shifted from the prosecutor to the defendant, simply because it takes just reasonable suspicion for the court to confiscate assets, for maybe years."


  4. millenniumany small group in society that is different from the rest because of their race, religion or political beliefs, or a person who belongs to such a group


  5. rehabilitationa document signed by a large number of people demanding or requesting some action from the government or another authority.
    eg: The findings upend an impression of alarming low numbers left by a 2011 Stanford University study which led to petitions by conservationists to add white sharks to state and federal endangered lists, Burgess said.


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