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  1. pedestrian
  2. bullet point
  3. oversees
  4. band
  5. neuron
  1. a a nerve cell that carries information between the brain and other parts of the body.
  2. b a person who is walking, especially in an area where vehicles go.
    On a recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Waibel said it is "not very pedestrian-friendly and there are no bicycle lanes to my knowledge."
  3. c to watch or organize a job or an activity to make certain that it is being done correctly.As marketing manager, her job is to oversee all the company's advertising. eg:In one more example of escalating tensions between Washington and Moscow over Russia's annexation of Crimea, Russia has cut off all programming by the Voice of America, a move which the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the organization that oversees VOA, has strongly condemned.
  4. d a group of musicians who play modern music together.a jazz/rock Flamenco music is often associated with Spain. Gypsies from north India brought the music to Europe in the 18th century. But one American band is adding Arabic traditions, too. La Ruya includes sounds from Turkey, the Black Sea, Persia and North Africa. Christopher Cruise tells about their music.
    Can you hear the Spanish guitar and heeled shoes in this music? They are some of the classic sounds of flamenco music. But a California band called La Ruya is transforming flamenco.
    One of the band's founding members is Sam Foster. He is a drummer who became interested in Arabic and Turkish drumming. From there, he learned about flamenco. He brought in flamenco dancer Melissa Cruz and other musicians to create the unusual sound of La Ruya.
  5. e a symbol, often a small black circle, used in text to show separate things in a list

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  1. to put something such as a plan or system in danger of being harmed or knew that by failing her exams she could jeopardize her whole future.
  2. very thin.
    You should eat more, you're much too skinny.
    eg: She says, "I want them to develop and be tall. I don't want them to be too skinny."
  3. [U] the process of increasing the number and strength of a country's weapons
    As the country prepares for war, more and more money is being spent on armament.
    armaments [plural]: weapons or military equipment
    the country's armaments programme
    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Thursday that Russian soldiers and armaments had crossed into eastern Ukraine and seized the port town of Novoazovsk.
  4. a small group of people chosen to give advice, make a decision, or publicly discuss their opinions as entertainment
  5. when someone or something is laughed at and considered stupid or of no value.They treated his suggestion with derision.Her speech was met with hoots/howls of derision.

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  1. admit, often unwillingly, that something is true. eg: The Government has conceded (that) the new tax policy has been a allow someone to have something, even though you do not want president is not expected to concede these reforms. eg:Britain conceded (= allowed) independence to India in 1947.3. to admit that you have lost in a competition. eg: She conceded even before all the votes had been counted. eg: Yingluck, who defended herself before the court on Tuesday, conceded defeat in a Wednesday speech, but maintained that she has done nothing wrong. eg: Opposition candidate Narendra Modi will be the next prime minister of India, with early election results on Friday showing the pro-business Hindu nationalist and his party headed for the biggest victory the country has seen in 30 years.
    India's ruling Congress party conceded defeat Friday. Congress party spokesmen told reporters the party had accepted that the country decided to vote against them.


  2. evictto force someone to leave somewhere


  3. defamewhen someone loses against someone else in a fight or competition, or when someone or something is made to fail. eg: She admitted/conceded defeat well before all the votes had been counted.


  4. frictionthe force which makes it difficult for one object to slide along the surface of another or to move through a liquid or gasWhen you rub your hands together the friction produces heat.
    eg:Following Tibetan riots in 2008 that left parts of Lhasa in ruins, Frenchmen Eric Meyer and Laurent Zylberman were the only freelance journalists Beijing allowed into Tibet. They witnessed the friction between Han Chinese helping to usher in a modern culture and Tibetans seeking to hold on to centuries-old traditions.Through a day-to-day narrative of their visit, analysis of what they saw, and in stunning black and white photographs, they portray changes, clashes and emotions in a new book: Tibet, The Last Cry.
    Eric Meyer told VOA's Jim Stevenson of both what he sees as lament and optimism for the future of Tibet.


  5. scaman illegal plan for making money


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