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  1. Young Plan
  2. Esch-Cummins Act
  3. Hawley-Smoot Tariff
  4. Public Works Projects
  5. Reparations
  1. a pay for the damage caused (Germany)
  2. b lower payments and set a 59 year limit to payments
  3. c 1930 tariff that brought the US tariff to the highest protective level to date
  4. d example is the building of the Boulder Dam
  5. e placed RR rates and service under gov't control but placed RRs themselves under private control

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  1. president Hoover called for this after the Depression
  2. Harding's cabinet, included corrupt friends, embaressment, not trusted
  3. a Protestant religious movement grounded in the belief that all the stories and details in the Bible are literally true
  4. designed to protect American Business,voided the Underwood Tariff, raised taxes on US imports to 60%
  5. Factory/business employing workers whether or not they are union members; in practice, such a business usually refuses to hire union members and follows anti-union policies

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  1. Yellow-Dog Contractssigned by 64 nations to "outlaw war as a means of resolving disputes between countries"


  2. Real Wagespurchasing power


  3. Boulder Damdam on the colorado river built during the depression to create jobs


  4. Washington Naval Conferencedelegates from 9 countries (not Russia) agreed to a Naval Holiday, in which they would not build warships for the next 10 yrs, to respect one anothers interests in the Pacific and uphold the Open Door Policy in China


  5. Farm BlocA group of Democratic and Republican members of Congress from the farming states of the Middle West that pressures the federal government to adopt policies favorable to farmers


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