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History 1920's Politics & Business Quiz Test

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  1. Five Areas of the Economy
  2. Open Shop
  3. Calvin Coolidge
  4. Isolationism
  5. Public Works Projects
  1. a a policy of nonparticipation in international economic and political relations, supported by Republicans
  2. b Factory/business employing workers whether or not they are union members; in practice, such a business usually refuses to hire union members and follows anti-union policies
  3. c sworn into presidency in 1924, "Keep Cool with Coolidge", had a pro-business attitude
  4. d Industry, Agriculture, Consumer Spending, Distribution of Wealth, and Stock Market
  5. e example is the building of the Boulder Dam

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  1. shares of ownership in a company
  2. helped farmers market their crops
  3. Bull-period when prices are on the rise
    Bear- period of decline in prices
  4. designed to reduce gov't waste and spending, created the Bureau of Budget
  5. legislation for bonus money for veterans

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  1. Federal Home Loan Bank Actagency which tried to restructure mortages on homes + farms by creating special banks which would aid the banks that had issued the loans


  2. Direct Reliefcash payments or food provided by the government to the poor, Hoover DIDN'T provide this


  3. Bureau of the Budgetrequired all departments to submit annual budgets and funding requests, set up a gov't fiscal year starting July 1.


  4. Shanty Towns (Hoovervilles)sarcastically named after President Hoover, in which unemployed and homeless people lived in makeshift shacks, tents, and boxes


  5. Volunteerismpresident Hoover called for this after the Depression


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