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  1. The Solid South
  2. Great Depression
  3. War Debt Cycle (Dawes Plan)
  4. Corporate Consolidation
  5. Public Works Projects
  1. a Southern states whom were regarded as solidly supporting the Democratic Party, until the Election of 1928 when republican Hoover wins
  2. b a wave of corporate mergers swept over the 1920s economy, spread of Oligopoly by Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler
  3. c the nation's worst economic crisis, extending through the 1930s, producing unprecedented bank failures, unemployment, and industrial and agricultural collapse
  4. d example is the building of the Boulder Dam
  5. e Provided for annual reparations of $250 million that would increase over the next 5 years

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  1. place where food is offered for free or at a very low cost for the poor
  2. raised tariffs rates on farm products to protect US farmers
  3. signed by 64 nations to "outlaw war as a means of resolving disputes between countries"
  4. headed by Forbes, to handle veterans' claims for compensation, hospitalization, insurance, etc
  5. delegates from 9 countries (not Russia) agreed to a Naval Holiday, in which they would not build warships for the next 10 yrs, to respect one anothers interests in the Pacific and uphold the Open Door Policy in China

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  1. Warren G. Hardinglimited gov't role in business/social reform, creates the Bureau of the Budget


  2. Bull and Bear MarketsBull-period when prices are on the rise
    Bear- period of decline in prices


  3. League of Women VotersLeague formed in 1920 advocating for Women's rights, among them the right for women to serve on juries and equal pay laws


  4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)sworn into presidency in 1924, "Keep Cool with Coolidge", had a pro-business attitude


  5. Fundamentalistsa Protestant religious movement grounded in the belief that all the stories and details in the Bible are literally true


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