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  1. Bull and Bear Markets
  2. The Solid South
  3. Welfare Capitalism
  4. Bonus Army
  5. Direct Relief
  1. a A paternalistic system of labor relations emphasizing management responsibility for employee well-being
  2. b Bull-period when prices are on the rise
    Bear- period of decline in prices
  3. c Unemployed veterans of WWI gathering in Washington in 1932 demanding payment of service bonuses not due until 1945
  4. d Southern states whom were regarded as solidly supporting the Democratic Party, until the Election of 1928 when republican Hoover wins
  5. e cash payments or food provided by the government to the poor, Hoover DIDN'T provide this

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  1. Al Smith (Dem) vs. Herbert Hoover (Rep), Hoover wins
  2. example is the building of the Boulder Dam
  3. legislation for bonus money for veterans
  4. A group of Democratic and Republican members of Congress from the farming states of the Middle West that pressures the federal government to adopt policies favorable to farmers
  5. Region of the Great Plains that experienced a drought lasting for a decade, leaving many farmers without work or substantial wages

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  1. Soup Kitchensplace where food is offered for free or at a very low cost for the poor


  2. McNary Haugen Billlegislation for bonus money for veterans


  3. Boulder Damsuspension of an ongoing activity


  4. Budget & Accounting Act of 1921Industry, Agriculture, Consumer Spending, Distribution of Wealth, and Stock Market


  5. Fundamentalistspay for the damage caused (Germany)


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