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  1. Isolationism
  2. Bull and Bear Markets
  3. Buying on Margin
  4. Easy Credit
  5. Boulder Dam
  1. a people had huge debts because they purchased on the installment plan, people borrowed money to speculate on the stock market
  2. b dam on the colorado river built during the depression to create jobs
  3. c Bull-period when prices are on the rise
    Bear- period of decline in prices
  4. d a policy of nonparticipation in international economic and political relations, supported by Republicans
  5. e Buying stocks with loans from brokers

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  1. United States manufacturer of automobiles who pioneered mass production, created the assembly line
  2. business is like a religion and should be worshipped
  3. pay for the damage caused (Germany)
  4. Region of the Great Plains that experienced a drought lasting for a decade, leaving many farmers without work or substantial wages
  5. 1930 tariff that brought the US tariff to the highest protective level to date

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  1. Dow Jones Industrial Averagethe most widely used indicator of the overall condition of the stock market


  2. War Debt Cycle (Dawes Plan)Provided for annual reparations of $250 million that would increase over the next 5 years


  3. Five Areas of the Economyrequired all departments to submit annual budgets and funding requests, set up a gov't fiscal year starting July 1.


  4. Welfare CapitalismA paternalistic system of labor relations emphasizing management responsibility for employee well-being


  5. Great Depressionthe nation's worst economic crisis, extending through the 1930s, producing unprecedented bank failures, unemployment, and industrial and agricultural collapse


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